Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vitamin C for your face

*I received these products free for testing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own completely*

Hopefully this post goes up on time like it's suppose to, we've been having really terrible wind storms here and have already lost power once due to trees crashing into power lines. Fingers crossed everything works out OK.

Everybody knows vitamin C is good for you and your immune system, but what about for your face? Vitamin C is an antioxidant, so all of the good for you benefits also works great on your face to help with sun damage, pollution damage, dark spots, and signs of aging. Sano Naturals makes a Vitamin C Serum as well as an eye gel that are designed to be like a shot of Emergen-C (which I love and highly recommend this time of year) for your face. But is is worth all the hype?

Sano Naturals claims that their vitamin c serum is better than other ones on the market, due to not having any water in the ingredients. The claim is that water will cause the vitamin c to oxidize and can be harmful to your face. I actually looked this up and that is absolutely correct! So a really good thing to know when you buy skincare products with vitamin c in them. I looked at the first three results that came up on Amazon for "vitamin c serum" and 2 of the 3 contained water as the first ingredients. I'm giving the win in this category to Sano Naturals for having a non-oxidizing product.

The rest of the ingredients are things I like in my skincare products, like aloe, hyaluronic acid, and witch hazel. There wasn't anything listed on the serum (the eye gel did not have an ingredient list) that made me cringe, and it appears to be vegan friendly from my knowledge of ingredients. The product is also made in the USA, which is great! I love supporting companies who produce their products here.

As far as the actual performance, I'll start with the eye gel. The texture is thick and jelly like, so easy to apply without making a mess everywhere. It also won't spill if you forget you're holding it and tip it over, as I discovered. I'm pretty sure you'd have to hold it upside down for an hour to get any to spill out. This worked great on my dark under eye circles, I really noticed an improvement after the second day. I didn't notice any changes in my eye wrinkles or in the puffiness I had from not sleeping very well that week. A cold spoon takes care of the puffiness though, so an improvement on the black rings was really all I cared about. Now this did smell...weird. Like a wet field, not at all how I thought it would smell. The scent dissipated fairly quickly once it was on the skin.

The serum is very thin in viscosity, almost like water. There was no color to it at all and it smelled pretty much like the eye gel did. It helped with some of the dark spots I had and my skin looked better and brighter after my test week, but I broke out while using it. Now I can't say if it was from this product or from coming down with the plague at the same time, I will give it another week long try after I'm done testing something else and report back on it if was the product.

Overall I really liked the eye gel and was so so on the serum, but am willing to give it another try. These are interesting products and from the brief looking I did they are better than a lot of similar types out there. I think if you are looking for a vitamin c product, these are a really great product. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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