Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette

Birchbox has introduced me to several new favorites, which is the point of it honestly. But my favorite find ever was being introduced to the wonder that it the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette. This is the holy grail of eyeshadows, 20 shades of beauty, pure powdered happiness. Like I can't express in words how much I love this palette, which seems a bit overboard but once you try it you will see why I'm over the moon for it.

What beauty lies within this palette?
Ok, enough love letters, let's get down to the actual review and why I love it. As I said, there are 20 different shades ranging from a pearly white to gorgeous plums to rose gold to matte black. This palette is a great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, which retails for a wallet clutching $54. This bad boy will cost you $19.99, over half the price which makes me twice as happy. There are a variety of neutral colors and some darker purples that are perfect for this time of year. While you can totally use this palette year round the colors scream fall to me so a great item to have this time of year.

Behold! Told you they were gorgeous.
There are 7 mattes and 13 shimmery colors, which is a decent balance I think. I personally like shimmery eyeshadow better than matte, so the lack of mattes doesn't bother me at all. They all apply well and are pretty pigmented across the board, with just a few that were more on the sheer side. And they all work well together for the most part, which is nice. I hate when your palette isn't completely workable.

Top row swatches (don't mind the goosebumps)
The eyeshadows are a great size, as you can see, so they should last quite a while I hope. The actual palette is made out of coated cardboard and has a magnetic closure, which does the job but I worry about it getting water damaged. I would imagine these would be fairly easy to depot and place the shadows in a magnetic palette, but I'd rather keep this all together for right now.

Bottom row swatches (brr was it cold!)
I've used every color at least once at this point, though the rose golds and the matte purples are my favorites right now. This is a palette I highly recommend, it is so worth the money and you will get tons of use out of it. I would absolutely buy this again in a heartbeat. If you want an even cheaper price keep your eyeball out, they often go on sale at Coastal Scent's webpage or you can purchase it on Amazon or Birchbox. I may buy the original palette next, this one really won me over. If you own either of them, what's your impression?


  1. I love the Revealed 1 and 2! I used the 2 for my best friend's wedding!!