Sunday, November 9, 2014

Freeman Beauty Facial Masks

My one skin care must have has always been a mask, I just love how they make my skin feel and how fancy I feel using them. But some of them are SUPER expensive (Talking about you GlamGlow), so I've spent many years looking for the best affordable facial masks and one brand keeps impressing me over and over. Freeman Beauty is one of those brands that if I see their logo on it I'll buy it for sure, I've never been super let down by them. I even discovered a few weeks ago they make my favorite dry shampoo, which kind of blew my mind. They are most well known for their masks and I've acquired a rather large collection of them so I thought I'd give you my thoughts on them.

I own 6 of the 15 full sized bottles available, so my collection has some growing to do still. Now I personally don't like the peel off masks, so I don't own any. They work great but my face gets itchy waiting for them to dry enough to peel off. I tend to lean towards to clay masks I just now noticed, but I'll try all of them eventually. Some of the ones listed on their website I've yet to see in a store, so I may have to place an order some time soon. All masks are $3.99, though at stores you can sometimes find them on sale to make them a better value.

Let's go from left to right, starting with the Mint and Lemon Clay Mask. This is suppose to clear up breakouts and minimize the appearance of pores. I use this the most out of the clay masks I own currently. The clay really dries up my oily face and can help keep a breakout from becoming huge. The mint and lemon help to cool and soothe my face, plus it smells awesome, exactly like you'd expect it to. You smear it all over your face, let it dry, then wash it off with warm water. The mask itself is a light green color, which cracks my 3 year old up. He calls it my monster mask.

This is actually my least favorite of the masks, but I know lots of people who like this one the best so your experience may be different than mine. This is suppose to enrich and balance your skin while unclogging your pores, all while working some aromatherapy magic on you. I will admit the scent, a mix of lavender and bergamot, is super relaxing, as it the ocean blue color, but this does nothing for my skin at all. It might soften it a bit but doesn't seem to help with acne or oiliness, which are the main reason I use masks. I use this one when I'm doing a relaxing bath or when my son wants to do masks with me since this is mild enough he can wear it for a bit and not irritate his skin.

This right here is my holy grail skin cleaner, and I talk about it in great detail here. But seriously, go buy this and use it.

I recently (aka Saturday night) went to Ulta and bought three new masks, and this is one of them. I'm going to warn you now, this smells so good you'll want to eat it. Chocolate and Strawberry Clay Mask. Like, I had to go make some chocolate pudding to keep from eating this stuff it smells that good. Cocoa is actually really good for your skin, and this also contains cocoa and Shea butter to help soften your skin. I used this Saturday night for the first time and so far I really like it. Dried up all the oil like clay masks do, but left the skin feeling pretty soft. Did I mention how tasty it smells? Seriously, chocolate skin mask. Yum.

I have not gotten to try this one yet, I only exfoliate my face twice a week so this will have to wait until Tuesday. But this is an enzyme mask, like the Vasanti one I love from Birchbox, so I'm hoping this will give me similar results since the Vasanti one is pretty expensive. Pineapple is great for tenderizing meats, so I'm expecting to be left with really soft skin after this, and according to the packaging also contains AHAs to help stimulate skin renewal. The mask itself is a gel mask with sand like scrubbies in it, so more of a microdermabrasion than a scrub, which is what I wanted. There's also Tea Tree oil and Peppermint oil in it, so that should kick some acne butt. I'll do a separate post on this once I've tried it a few times. Smells like pineapple, so very tropical feeling.

This is the last of the ones I just bought, but I've used this one before and always liked it. The avocado will leave your skin seriously soft and I've found that the oatmeal helps soothe my skin, which can be really sensitive at times. This is one I'd be ok using multiple times a week without worrying about my skin getting raw and overworked.

Overall I love this brand and will continue to hoard every single mask I can find, including the peel off masks which I really need to try again. If you use this brand, what mask is your favorite?


  1. I am strangely addicted to mud masks and I grew up on freeman thanks to my mom. Love it

  2. I just did a review on a purifying mask, by the same company. Can't wait to try more of these out!

    1. nice! I'll have to come check out your review

  3. I've started trying out the Sephora fabric masks (last week I did a Ginseng Toner). They're $6 a pop, but it was a pretty pleasant experience. I'll have to look more into cream masks.

    1. I keep looking at those fabric masks but I just can't do $6 for a one shot thing I may not even like.