Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekend Tips and Tricks

Another weekend, another sets of my favorite tips and tricks to help your beauty routine run a little smoother and quicker.

Tip #1: Preventative care is the best care, don't wait until your face is acne ground zero to start a good skin care regiment. The same goes for anti-aging treatments, if you wait till your skin is a mess it'll be 10x harder to fix than if you start taking better care of your skin now.

Tip #2: This is a repost, but since the weather is turning cold I thought I'd remind you. DO NOT USE A HAIR DRYER TO DEFOG A MIRROR!! This "tip" is floating around again, and I'd like to point out that this is the quickest way to shatter said mirror. Trust me, don't do this.

Tip #3: The cold weather is probably drying your skin out already, but did you know it can dry your nails out and leave them brittle? Use a good quality cuticle oil and a thick hand cream at least once a day to help keep them in top condition. A nail strengthening treatment can't hurt either.

Tip #4: This time of year can be very stressful, so make sure you take time everyday for you, even if it's just ten minutes locked in the bathroom reading a magazine.

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