Monday, November 17, 2014

Swirled Mani Monday

Hello and welcome to another edition of Mani Monday! This week I'll show you how to do a swirled nail art that will give your manicure a dark and edgy look. Depending on how many nails you do it on this can take a while, so please plan accordingly and give yourself enough time.

To do this manicure you will need:

  • A base color. I used one of my new Essie polishes, a color called "Sweet & Delicious".
  • Black polish
  • Clear top coat
  • A thin paint brush
  • Nail polish remover
  • An optional item is a base coat or nail strengthener like I used here.

First apply your base color (or apply your base coat/nail strengthener then your base color), making sure to keep it smooth and even. I always recommend doing two coats just to be sure. Let them dry completely before you move onto the next step.

Pour a bit of the black polish out onto a piece of paper for easy access. Using your thing brush paint in a small curl at the base of your nail. Try to keep it even, use short strokes to do your curl. Don't try to do one long stroke, it won't come out even. From the top of that curl paint another curl, going the opposite direction. Again, use short strokes to make your curl. If your nail is long enough, do a curl or two on the top edge of your nail.

I did two nails, just enough to look interesting but not enough to be over the top. My middle nail is longer so I did an double curl on the tip in addition to the single curl on my tip. Once the curls have completely dried top it with some clear coat and you are good to go. Repeat on your other had, which I know is super hard so ask for help if you need to.

Don't forget to clean up your edges with some nail polish remover as well, my fingers always look like a two year old did them.

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