Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Scrubby Soap Jelly Bars

Hello and welcome to another edition of my Tutorial Tuesday. This week, we'll be tackling that dry skin I know everybody is dealing with this time of year. This is actually a variation of the the jelly shampoo bar I did a few months ago. This time instead of being for the hair (though you could obviously still make it for the hair) we'll be doing a body wash version that includes a little extra kick to really scrub you clean.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • 1/2 cup body wash, whichever brand you prefer.
  • 2 packages of plain gelatin
  • A silicone mold, I use my muffin pan.
  • Measuring cup, larger measuring cup, whisk, and a spoon
  • Kosher salt, at least half a cup worth
  • Any add ins you want, like bath friendly glitter (nope) and soap dye if you want a different color soap than what your body wash will make it.

Step one, boil 3/4 of a cup of water. I just did mine in the microwave in my large measuring cut. Now add the two packets of gelatin in and whisk until there are no lumps or chunks. Remember, boiling water is hot so be careful not to splash it onto yourself.

While the water is boiling, sprinkle some kosher salt into the bottom of your molds. Don't worry about getting it even, when you pour the final mixture in it will mess it all up. So no stressing this step.

Now measure out half a cup of the liquid soap you chose to use. I'm using a Ulta brand body wash I picked up on clearance for like .97 cents. The scent is citrus poppies and isn't bad at all. I actually have really liked all the Ulta beand body washes I've tried.

Now pour it into your gelatin and mix it all up, keeping an eye out for any clumps. This is still fairly hot so be careful not to burn yourself.

Now pour just a little bit into your molds, this soap will be done in rough layers. Once it's set up a bit shake some more kosher salt over it (some may sink, that's ok) and let it set up some more.

Keep alternating layers of the soap mix and the kosher salt until you've poured all of the mixture in. You can add as little or as much salt as you want. I like my scrubs just this side of a Brillo pad so I added quite a bit of kosher salt. Let the pan sit out and set up completely for a few hours, then pop them out and enjoy. I recommend storing them in the fridge, they're easier to use if they firm up a bit.

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