Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Air Repair to the Rescue

If you've ever been on an airplane then you know they are not only soul sucks but moisture sucking as well. Seriously, you enter the airplane looking fabulous and you leave looking like the Mummy's Girlfriend. And thanks to TSA regulations you have to be extra careful what you bring onto the plane and how much you bring, which can make looking like a person post flight difficult at best. Enter Air Repair with their brilliant little kit designed to be taken onto the airplane with you to rescue your skin from the dry, recycled hair and cramped conditions. I very rarely fly, but with Summer right around the corner I though a kit designed for dry skin would be a good investment for my money, especially when I heard some of the items were great for healing sunburns.

It all comes packaged in a  clear plastic zippered bag with a little clip to attach it to your bag, very thoughtful. Behind the actual products is a little info card with recommendation on when during your flight you should use each product, which is a nice touch I thought. Each product is 2 fluid oz or less, making them the perfect size to take not only on a plane but on vacation with you. There's a cleanser, a face lotion, an eye cream, a face spray, and a lip/everywhere balm. This is a pretty well rounded set, I don't think it really lacked any sort of product since most of them do double duty. And they all smell amazing, like a rose garden but not overwhelmingly of rose. Just nice and light.

The Soothing Facial Cleansing Milk might be the gentlest cleanser I have ever used in my life. If you've ever used a lotion cleanser imagine the gentle baby cousin to that. You wet your face, rub the cleansing milk into it, then rinse with cold water. It doesn't foam up at all, or have that sticky feel lotion can have. As a beauty blogger who sometimes has to apply several different makeup looks in a day, I really appreciated the gentle and soothing cleanser at the end of the day.

This is one of the products I was excited to try, the Complexion Quenching Facial Mist. This can either be applied to a cotton swab and used as a toner to misted onto the face to soothe and moisturize it. Someone recommended this to me for helping deal with sunburns, and after testing it and looking at the ingredients I'm pretty sure this will become a favorite for my paper white husband. And in the event you ever over exfoliate you face, this really helps to soothe the red ouchie skin. Because even beauty bloggers get a little overzealous at times.

I actually thought this was a hand lotion the first time I used this, I was much to excited to actually read any of the labels. This is actually the Complexion Boosting Moisturizer, a face lotion, though you can also use it as a hydration boosting mask. I like to use this after my nightly clay mask to put good moisture back into my skin. It is a little heavier than I'd like for a daytime lotion, but if I was in a dry environment that wouldn't bother me.

I had heard about this one quite a bit before purchasing the kit, so I was pretty excited to see if it lived up to the hype. You can apply it as a balm to dry or cracked skin, or use it as a lip balm. I've used it as both and really like this one. It isn't to heavy to use on my lips, which is a problem I have with a lot of all over balms, but it is still strong enough to handle my poor cracked fingers from my camping trip. This is an item I would buy a tube of all by itself, I can see myself using it almost every day.

If you follow me on Instagram you already know it was love at first use  for the Super Hydrating Eye Cream. I use this every morning and it keeps the skin under my eyes hydrated and has started to help with the dark circles I get from not keeping a decent sleep schedule. I've also noticed that on days I don't use it I can tell by how my under eye makeup lays. I don't think this makes my makeup last longer, but I think it makes it look nicer. This is another product I would purchase again all by itself.

The whole kit retails for $42, with a value of $71, and can be found on the Birchbox website. For $42 I think this kit is a steal, since each is the full sized you can buy individually. You are basically getting two items for free. I can't imagine ever traveling without this set now and I wish I had taken it with me last time I went camping. If you are a frequent flier or live in a drier climate this is a must have for you.

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