Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Beauty Essential Hiding in Your Desk

If you spend any time on Instagram or Pinterest looking at makeup looks you've probably seen a few (ok, a lot) of amazing winged out eyeshadow with the crispest, cleanest edge ever. You've probably wondered how they do that, and how you can get that good. Well I'm going to let you in on a little secret: they cheated. Well, not Photoshop level of cheating, but that isn't the skill of the worlds steadiest hand. They get that perfect line with a little help from something you probably have sitting in your desk as we speak. This wonderful little tool is cheap, can be purchased pretty much everywhere, and can even be swiped from your obnoxious office mates desk.

I'm of course talking about tape. Yes, tape. Like the kind you use to wrap presents with or to tape notes onto the wall. You are a stripe of tape away from achieving that same level of precision too. First, the type of tape doesn't really matter. I prefer the cheap frosted stuff from my Dollar Store because A.) it's dirt cheap and B.) it's a bit gentler to peel off than some of the nicer tape out there. One thing to keep in mind, if you do your face makeup first the tape will pull it all up so I recommend doing eyes first.

I take a piece about an inch and a half long and I align it on the same angle my eyeliner would be if I extended it from my bottom lash line out and up. Please me careful not to accidentally tape any of your lashes down, nobody wants to inadvertently wax their lashes. I smooth down the edge that goes against where my shadow will be, just to make sure none travels under the tape.

Now apply you shadow however you see fit. For the purposes of these photos I used a bolder color combo than I usually prefer, which was a fun change of pace for me. Don't worry about getting any powder on the tape, it will all come off when we peel it off.

The tape makes it much easier to apply cream, gel, or liquid eyeliner as well. Just trace against the tape edge and you will have the straightest edge on Instagram. Just be careful to fill in where the wing connects to the lash line, unless you were going for that check mark sort of look.

A gentle tug (in case you taped a hair or two down), and away comes the shadow and liner mess, leaving you with a perfectly clean and crisp line.

A little liner touch up, some liner and shadow along my bottom lash, and a coat or two of mascara later and you have that beautiful and bold look you wanted with none of the mess or steady handed hard work it requires to get. And all thanks to a little piece of tape.

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