Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

The end of the month is near, and the scorching hot weather has begun in my neck of the woods. As per my usual I am joining Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her weekly Thursday Thoughts Link Up.

As I briefly mentioned, it is officially hot here. Today should hit 94 degrees, and it'll be 100 degrees this weekend. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so this is not our usual thing. I may flee to the coast with the family or to a lake a friend just told me about. This is a week to test out some melt proof makeup that's for sure.

I am busting through some of my makeup lately, look at how little is left in this Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I've repressed it once already and I'll probably do it again this weekend. Trying to "shop my stash" instead of buying new stuff lately, mainly because I want to finish things before they go bad. Speaking of finishing stuff up, my Project Pan Spring 2015 is done!! I didn't finish the lipstick and remaining eyeliner, but they are super close to being done. I'll do a brief post about it later this week as a bonus post, but for right now I'm super happy with how much I used up and I will for sure start another Project Pan in the fall. Right now I'm just enjoying having more variety in my makeup.

I really need to do another makeup tutorial, I had so much fun doing the last one and I've been really expanding my makeup skills lately. This was my eye look from yesterday and it was so pretty I had to share it. What style of makeup would you guys like to see a tutorial on? If I had a portable mirror and a good location to do it I'd film one but for now I'll stick to photos.

In case you were curious what I got with that $10 rewards card from Ulta, here's my little haul. I picked up another tube of my favorite BB Cream, then I decided to test out the Baby Skin Primer and the Baby Lips lip balms. I haven't tried the primer yet but those lip balms are the balm you guys, like I need 100 more stat. The pink one smells like candy, I want to eat it every time I apply it. I'll do a full review of them later, but for now I'm very pleased with my purchases.

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