Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Mountain of Garbage, Otherwise Known As May Empties

Is it weird that my monthly post about my garbage is one of my favorite posts? Because it is, strangely enough. I just really like looking back at what I've used and seeing what was worth it and what was utter....well garbage. May was a pretty good month for empties, I really pushed to finish up items more than I normally do. I've got so much makeup and skin care items that I need the next 3 months to be like May I think. Or get a bigger bathroom. Since I have so many items I'm going to order things a little different. The items I always repurchase like my dry shampoo I'll put all in one picture so I don't blather one about them for the sixth time in a row.

My breakdown this month came out to: 9 skin care items, 4 hair care items, 4 makeup items, and 3 tools. That brings my total to 20 empties this month. This isn't my biggest month of empties, but it's pretty close. I had a ton of skin care items this time, which I found interesting. And hey, any empty makeup is a good thing. Let's break it down by category and see what was worth it.

These are all things I either constantly repurchase and therefor have talked about so many times I'm sick of it or is an item I just reviewed, like the little vial of Beauty Protector Oil. All A+ items, all repurchase.

Ulta Brand Buttercream Frosting 3-in-1 Body Wash: Repurchase I love the Ulta brand body wash, all the scents are amazing, but the buttercream one is my favorite. I already have a back up bottle of this and will probably stock up once I finish the current bottle I'm using.

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Conditioner: Repurchase The shampoo is almost done, and I love this set. I recently reviewed them so I won't waste a ton of time talking about them. But I dig them.

Adovia Bath Salts: Undecided So I really liked these and they worked quite well, but my budget just got a bit smaller so I can't really justify the price. But if my budget status changes I would probably buy another one.

Beauty Protector Body Wash: Not Repurchase If I did not have to worry about budgets at all I would use this stuff exclusively, it was that good. But alas, I'm broke so unless they send me more through Birchbox I will sadly not repurchase it.

Klorane Dry Shampoo: Not Repurchase A high priced dry shampoo that doesn't work any better than my cheaply priced dry shampoo. I'll use it if I get it but I won't spend $20 on a single bottle of dry shampoo.

Simple Mircelle Water: Not Repurchase So I was actually going to buy this on recommendation from someone I know online when I found a free sample offer online. 6 weeks later it finally showed up in my mail box and I am so underwhelmed I might as well have rubbed tap water on my face. Seriously, this is a huge fail for me.

Supergoop Eye Cream: Undecided I was actually going to buy this in my big Birchbox haul but they discontinued the set I wanted before I bought it. I really liked this but at $45 I can't really justify the price. Unless that great set comes back, with the CC Cream and the Sunscreen.

Aveeno Lotion: Undecided I prefer Aveeno products for my sensitive skinned family, but I own so much lotion right now I really don't need more. But on the other hand this absorbed really well and didn't leave me feeling sticky/greasy.

ELF Lip Brush: Not Repurchase Love the ELF brand brushes, they're a buck each so if I need to toss one I don't stress it. I've actually had this one for quite a while, but I got a new one so out with the old

Konjac Sponge: N/A I LOVE konjac sponges, and I swear by their ability to transform your skin. This came in a double pack so I don't need to worry about buying another one.

Revlon Nail File: N/A This came in a giant box of files, so I've got like 10 left. They're files, not a lot to say.

Mary Kay Eyeliner in Bronze: Not Repurchase I have no idea what I was thinking, buying a bronze eyeliner. The Mary Kay brand liners smear horribly, so you can only imagine what this looked like at the end of the day. But I stayed with it and finally finished it. I deserve a cookie. Or a new lipstick. Or Both.

YSL Mascara: Not Repurchase As a $10-$15 mascara this is quite nice, but at the $30+ price it is not even remotely close to worth it. I enjoyed it since I didn't pay for it, and I did use it up. But I'd never pay that much for a mascara ever.

ELF Eyeshadow (gold?): Not Repurchase This was one of the eyeshadows I managed to save from the Great Palette Crash of 2015. It was a nice goldish color, but not one I'd go out of my way to track down. I think I only managed to save enough for like 4 uses, so not really a big win there.


Pretty much everything was a no go minus the things I always repurchase, which was interesting to me. Things I loved when I originally got them kind of faded to meh by the end, especially when I saw how much a full sized was. I'm setting a goal of 25 empties for myself for June, and I want to finish my last few Project Pan items. That's my goal, get those done and out the door.

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