Saturday, June 6, 2015

Revealed 3, My Set is Complete

I know, I know. I said several times that I wasn't going to get the latest Revealed palette. I lied. Well, more of I'm weak and couldn't say no. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right? I had Birchbox points and it was there and before I knew it I had bought it. You know how it goes. The life of a makeup hoarder. So for those who don't know, the Revealed 3 palette is put out by Coastal Scents and retails for $19.95. This is the first palette that isn't a dupe for one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, so it has a different feel to it compared to the other two. The Revealed 2 (which is a dupe for the Naked 3 palette) is my absolute favorite eyeshadow palette ever, so this has a high bar to live up to.

The outside is pretty similar to the other two Revealed, just with the number 3 replacing the "e" as most companies do. It's a sealed cardboard palette with magnetic closures and no mirror, which means you aren't wasting money on packaging. I like that all three palettes are the same size with just a slightly different colored brown background. It means I can stack them up neatly but still grab the one I want the first time.

Again, like the other two this has 20 different shades, ranging from matte to glitter. Price wise, this works out to about a buck a shadow. This palette didn't seem to have a color theme to it, like the other two. It was vaguely purple and gold themed, but not enough to really call it that. The original Revealed was the Naked and Naked 2 combined, so a great neutral palette. The Revealed 2 was the Naked 3, so full of purples, pinks, and rose golds. This? This is just a bit of everything. I wish they had themed it a bit, maybe a smokey palette?

Let's talk about the actual shades. This is the top row, swatched from left to right. The first three are the only matte shades in the whole palette. The first is a cream shade that looked almost satin in finish in the pan but was very matte in the swatch. I really like the second shade as a transition or blending color, and the matte brown is nice in the crease. Next you have a champagne shade, a buttery bronze shade, and a brilliant gold. These all swatched really well and I use the bronze shade quite a bit. Next we have a satin cranberry, a bright lilac, then a heavily glittered purple. The glittery purple swatched darker than it looked in the pan, so I was pleasantly surprised there. And lastly a gun metal purplish shade that I quite like but haven't figured out how to wear.

Here's the bottom row, swatched left from right. First two are nice shimmery purples, then comes the shade that surprises me every time I use it. In the pan it is a glittery lilac shade that doesn't work very wearable, but swatched it is a sheer iridescent shade with small glitter flecks throughout it. I LOVE this shade at the inner corners of my eyes, just looks stunning. The next two shades are pretty sheer, one is a purple and the other is a brownish-grey shimmer. The dark chocolate shade has been my favorite outer corner/crease shade lately, I think I use it almost every time I use this palette. Next is a subtle gold, then the satin finished sable. The last two are a dark cranberry and the black with glitter than seems to be in every Coastal Scents palette I own.

While this isn't my favorite palette from Coastal Scents, I do like it. I just wish it felt more put together and had a better pigmentation level than what I swatched. I am glad I bought it though, even it its just to complete the set. Since Urban Decay just announced a new palette I'm hoping Coastal Scent will release a comparable dupe for those of us who don't have $50 to drop on a single palette. I adore Coastal Scents and will continue to purchase from them.

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