Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bath Time Play-Doh

Today's Tutorial Tuesday is great for those with children or are still a kid at heart.Soap play-doh is one of those things that are so cheap to make, it amazing me that people will pay big bucks to have other people make it for them. The great thing about this, besides the cheap cost, is how easy it is to customize.

To make this you'll need:

  • 2 cups of corn starch. I recommend buying this in bulk, it'll be cheaper that way.
  • Soap. You can use dish soap, body wash, castille soap, shampoo, pretty much any liquid soap. For this I'm using lemon scented dish soap so the color and scent are already added.
  • Scents and food dye if you are using unscented and uncolored soap.

Step #1: Measure out 2 cups of the corn starch into a medium sized mixing bowl.

Step #2: Measure out a cup of your soap. I ran just a little under so I topped my cup off with some dollar store kid's shampoo.

Step #3: Mix it with a fork until it has come together, then use your hands to finish kneading it together. This is a lot like making bread or pasta dough, though it only takes a few minutes total.

Step #4: Check to see if your mixture is to dry, it should hold together like play-doh. If it doesn't mix in some more soap. If it's to liquidy mix in more corn starch. 

Once it's all done store it in a plastic container till you (or your child) are ready to play with it. My son and I had a blast making shapes and "food" with it in the bath last time I made some, I know he'll be excited to see a new batch. 

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