Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ELF HD Blush Review

There are certain things a makeup product can do to make me fall in love with it. It has to work well, be a good price for what it is, and be easy to get in case I need more. The ELF HD Blushes are one of those items that hit all 3 points and blow it out of the water. Plus I've heard these are a dupe for a MAC cream blush, so there's an extra point there.

Diva (L) and Superstar (R)
I have two different shades, Superstar and Diva. Superstar is a coral peachy color and Diva is a bright pink. Both are intimidating in the jar, especially Diva, but I promise they are totally workable and easy to wear. These are super pigmented so you only need a little bit. I'm talking quarter of a grain of rice. You are going to take that tiny little drop and rub it into the back of your hand so it's smoothed out. Now you're going to take a stipple brush (I've never had any success trying to apply it with my fingers) and stipple over the dot then LIGHTLY stipple over your cheeks in the desired areas. Go lightly, better to put more on that scrub to take it off.

Because if you make a mistake you'll have to scrub to get this stuff off, the staying power is that good. This stuff stains and stays and stays. Which is why I love it. I like applying my makeup once and not having to worry about fixing it later in the day.

Diva is super bright out of the tube, as you can see in the middle swatch. Once you spread it out, like the swatch on the right, you are ready to stipple it. The swatch on the left is what it looks like stippled, a nice flush of color.

Superstar is again super pigmented out of the tube, as you can see in the middle blob. Spread out you can see it's got a bit of a shimmer, which should be visible in the right swatch. Stippled out, as in the left, it become this gorgeous coral color that looks amazing on tanned or olive toned skin. This is my favorite out of the two, I wear it quite a bit.

There are lots of other colors available, including some deep purple ones that will be nice and vampy for the fall. If you own one, what color do you have?


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    1. they are super worth it and if you keep your eyeball out you can get them for half off on the ELF website. But Target, K-Mart, and now 7-11 (or at least mine) carries ELF products