Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekend Tips and Tricks

We had a really horrible week here, sorry if I've been delayed in getting back to you or if the last few posts have been pretty short. After this week I will be doing some massive TLC and self care for sure. Today's Tips and Tricks will be my guide to getting back together after an emotionally or physically tough week.

Step 1: Get some sleep. There is no mask, serum, or special cream that will do as much for your skin and how you feel as getting enough sleep. Even a half an hour long power nap can make a huge difference.

Step 2: Take a shower. Use that fancy body wash you love, that really good hair mask, and a good exfoliate to scrub away that dull skin.

Step 3: Use that luxe body butter you've been saving, think of today as an at home spa day so use the good stuff.

Step 4: Pick a mask depending on your skin needs. Freeman's makes a ton of really great masks for like $4 each, and you can find them at just about any place that carries body stuff. I like the charcoal black sugar scrub one since my skin gets oily and broken out when I get stressed.

Step 5: Make yourself a cup of tea, get your comfy jammies on, and curl up with a good book or movie and just relax for an hour or two, you've earned it.

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