Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday: Double Feature Lip Love

This week's Tutorial Tuesday is a double feature! I'm going to show you how to depot a tube of lipstick AND make a custom tinted lip balm. The whole process for both total will take you under ten minutes and the costs are so minimal I'm giving it a budget beauty thumbs up.

This tutorial is different in that it's one I actually needed to do, not just one I wanted to share with you guys. Do you remember the lipstick I received in my Ulta free gift from August? The one I loved and thought was the perfect shade for summer? Well I broke it like the first time I wore it out of my house. I had the tube in my pocket and it fell out and destroyed the tube.

As you can see not only did the lid crack in several places but the actual bottom broke off. The lipstick itself was fine minus some smooshing, so I figured I'd depot it. A quick stop to Amazon for some small containers (and by some I mean 50 because that was my best option money wise believe it or not) and I was set to go. Now I had been holding onto a damaged lipstick from ELF for months with the intention of turning it into a tinted lip balm so why not do both at the same time.

You need a lipstick to depot, a lipstick o turn into balm, clean little pots, Vaseline (if you want to be fancy use beeswax and Shea butter instead), a paring knife, a stir stick (snatched from Starbucks), and a glass bowl (use glass so the lipstick won't stain it). Oh and a microwave. You could do it using a double boiler but that would take twice as long and who's got time for that?

Let's start with depotting the lipstick first. You want to scrape every bit of lipstick out of the tube and dump it into the glass bowl. There is a surprising amount of lipstick down in the actual tube so make sure you really get down in there.

Now comes the boring part, you want to microwave it in ten second increments until it is fully melted. I did five ten second intervals, so fifty seconds total, but every microwave is different.

The key is to make sure it is all smooth and creamy, you want no lumps left over.

Just scoop it into your jar and tada! You have just depotted a tube of lipstick. This takes up a ton less space in my lipstick drawer, I can see why makeup artists do this with all of their lipsticks. I'm halfway tempted to do this to some of my other tubes, I've got a ton of jars left over.

Now onto the tinted lip balm. I'm using Vaseline because it's cheap and I had a ton of it. If I was making this to gift I'd use Shea butter and beeswax instead.

Chop up your lipstick into small chunks, it'll melt faster this was. Plus this lipstick was dried up quite a bit, so I was concerned it wouldn't melt smoothly.

I added about two teaspoons of the Vaseline when I first started it, I ended up adding about another teaspoon later to thin it out a bit. Now you do the same thing as before, nuking it in ten second intervals. I did almost a minute and a half total this time, the lipstick took a while to melt like I predicted.

I was really happy with how this turned out, it ended up filling almost 3 of the jars once I scooped everything out. The color is a nice muted rose, perfect for the fall.

All of this took about ten minutes, which included stopping for pictures at each step. I also peeled the label off the lipstick tube so I'd know what color it was. This was a quick and easy project with minimum investment but lots of payout. If you attempt it let me know how it turned out.

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