Monday, September 29, 2014

Mani Monday: Essie Sleek Stick Nail Wraps

Sometimes you want pretty nails but you either don't have the time or the energy to apply a fancy manicure. Nail wraps are a great alternative to painted nails, and currently there are tons of brands and types out there. I actually found the Essie Sleek Stick nail wraps at my local Dollar Tree, which was a great score since they're normally about $10 each, So today's Mani Monday is both a how to and a review of these colorful wraps.

First thing to do is clean your nails with rubbing alcohol and push your cuticles back. Each pack of stickers comes with a file and a cuticle pusher, which I thought was very convenient.

The backing on these are clear so it made sizing them up pretty easy. Each side had 9 different sizes, so these should work for a variety of nails. I picked a pretty teal color with silver dots for my nails this time.

You need to peel the stickers off, I used the cuticle pusher to do it so my fingers wouldn't goop up the adhesive part. Carefully place it on your nail and smooth it down with your fingers. I then used the cuticle pusher to smooth any wrinkles down.

Then you need to pull the sticker down do it covers the tip of your finger and, using your file, file the tip of your nail in a downwards motion to basically sand through the sticker. This only took a few strokes, so pretty easy.

These don't need to be topped with a top coat and should last for a bit according to the instructions. Do this for all of your nails, it took me about as long as doing a base color normally takes. And once it's on you can go and do whatever, no waiting for the polish to dry.

My nails look really great right now, hoping they stay looking this good for at least 4 days but we'll see. To remove them just peel a corner up and slowly peel the whole thing off your nail or use cuticle oil to loosen the adhesive. I imagine hot soapy water will help them to loosen so you might want to wear gloves while doing dishes (which you really should do anyways) or cleaning. Overall I'm pretty happy with them right now and will for sure pick up some more from the Dollar Tree for both my own personal use and for a future giveaway.


  1. I've never tried nail wraps but I just ordered some of the Jamberry ones. Getting those at Dollar Tree was a great find!

    1. I've done a lot of nail stickers but these were my first full wraps. Digging them so far, though I will probably top them with a clear polish next time. The Jamberry ones look interesting, good luck with those.