Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY Sunscreen + Lalune Naturals Zinc Oxide Powder Review

*I received this product free for testing purposes, all opinions expressed are my own and freely given*

First, a disclaimer. I haven't actually be able to test this and see how well it works. It is still winter in Oregon and I haven't seen the sun in like a month. But the science is sound so it should technically work just fine. But because I haven't personally tested it I wanted to let you guys know. Now that that is out of the way, let's get down to business (to defeat the huns! Sorry, I've always wanted to do that). Sun protection is an important part of my household. Obviously with a small child you have to be careful but I married a man so pale he bursts into flames if he steps outside during the summer. We go through a LOT of sunscreen every year, and sunscreen is not cheap you guys. The nicer brands with a higher SPF can be almost $20 a bottle and he'll go through that in a week depending on what we are doing (he's also a giant so lots of flesh to cover). I always worry about what is in the sunscreens we use and I can to avoid some of them because of my coconut allergy, so when I was given the chance to test out some Zinc Oxide Powder by Lalune Naturals and make my own sunscreen I was pretty excited. So let's make some sunscreen!

To do this project you will need:
  • Zinc Oxide Powder. I am using the Lalune Naturals brand, which I really like so far
  • A lotion of your choice. I'm using a Victoria Secret lotion I really need to use up so this was a win win for me
  • Container to store the finished product in. I'm using a glass mason jar.
  • Measuring cup, spoon, and whisk.
  • Gloves and a protective mask to keep you from breathing in the powder 

I halved the recipe on the jar since I only had 2 oz of the lotion, so keep that in mind. Step one is to measure out your lotion. I measures 2 oz (1/4 of a cup) into a one cup measuring cup.

Next, add in two tablespoons of the zinc oxide powder. If you have a food scale and can measure it out, you want 1/2 an ounce but I don't own one so I just scooped it out with my measuring spoon. This is for a SPF 20+ sunscreen in case you were wondering.

Now take your whisk and start mixing. The lotion will thicken up quite a bit and get this really wonderful whipped texture like a body butter once you are all done. I recommend letting it sit and meld together for a few hours before you use it. Mine will be chilling for about a month before I have enough sun to actually use it. 

Just transfer it to your container and you are good to go. I did test it on the back of my hand and it does take a bit of blending to get it to soak into your skin and will leave a tiny tiny of white, but most sunscreens with a fair amount of zinc in it will do the exact same thing. I really liked the texture and it did NOT leave me feeling greasy like a lot of sunscreens can. Plus the scent was of my choosing, so that part rocks.

I love that this recipe is right on the jar, as well as instructions on to get to an eBook with a few more recipes. I really want to attempt to make deodorant at some point, and maybe a sunscreen stick for faces as well. I am really happy with the tube of zinc oxide, it is half a pound so I've got plenty for other projects and even has a scoop inside you can use.If you are interested in making some of your own health and beauty items like sunscreen, deodorant, or rash cream I recommend picking up a jar for sure. As of the time of this writing it is listed for $14.99 with free Prime shipping, which I think is a very good deal. That's the same price as a tube of sunscreen and I bet your could make two gallons of sunscreen with this so a pretty big money saver. 

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