Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Hello and welcome to another weekly link up with Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts link up. Let's get started shall we?

Valentine's Day is this weekend and I actually forgot about it! I had some fun V-Day manicures planned for this month and I completely spaced it. Guess I'm just not feeling super romantic this year, to much other stuff going on to focus on hearts and smooches.

I've made significant progress on my Spring Project Pan this week. I finished the ELF tinted lip balm AND the one shadow out of the Ulta quad. I will be switching to monthly progress reports for the remainder of the project since I have a while before anything else will be finished. Remember, if you want to participate with me tag your photos on Instagram with #ProjectPanSpring2015.

There will be a new giveaway on the blog tomorrow, so make sure you stop by and enter! I won't spoil what it is for, but you will want to enter for sure. Let's just say your skin will thank you for it.

I write these Wednesday night before bed and have them queued up, in case you didn't know. I am mentioning this because I may be at the doctor's getting a cast put on my hand by time this post goes live. LONG story short I think I broke my hand tonight but when we went to the Urgent Care I ended up getting the doctor who I've previously had before and is a total idiot. He told me my bacterial infection rash on my whole torso was razor burn. Seriously. Razor burn. So he prescribed antibiotics typically given for malaria. So I'm taking his "not broken" diagnosis with a grain of salt. My hand looks awful and feels even worst, I can barely type right now. So I may go see my actual Dr first thing in the morning. This is why today's post is pretty short, typing is incredibly painful right now. So I am calling it a night and I'll see you all on Friday!

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