Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Wow, this is the last Thursday of February! Was it just me or did that go by super quick? As per my usual, I'm linking up with Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her weekly link up.

Let's start out with some blog related things first. I think I'm done messing with the layout of the blog for now, though I need to fix the Instagram Widget today at some point. What do you guys think of the changes I've made? I've also been trying to step up my picture game quite a bit. I'm using PicMonkey to do my editing and I'm trying to take nicer pictures with a blank background instead of my desk. Hopefully the hard work is paying off and you guys like the changes. I like them and am pretty pleased with myself.

I have not finished anything new for my Project Pan, but I'm almost done with the eye gel, the lipstick, and one of the liners. I think those should be done for sure by the end of March. Making good progress on the eyeshadows, though I swear the brown in the jar will last me forever! I will probably repan the blush this weekend to make it easier to use, and other than that no real changes. If you are participating how is your progress going?

A friend recently came back from Vietnam and she brought me back goodies! I LOVE chili jam so I'm excited to try this homemade one. Seriously guys, chili jam on a ham and cream cheese sandwich with romaine lettuce is the best thing in the world. She also got me this really pretty little wooden comb, it just begs to be used in a fancy bun. I'm seriously considering doing hair and makeup tutorials to break up the product reviews a bit. I may regret that decision but everything is a learning experience right?

My latest Birchbox haul arrived last week and I guess I didn't share it. The shaving cream is for my hubby and I highly recommend it for people with sensitive skin. If you want more info let me know down below in the comments. The Yu-Be I'll actually be posting about later, and the tea was just because I love tea (super good flavor). And can I just say I love the extra little goodies Birchbox includes? My mystery sample pack was a specialty hair conditioner and a Camille Beckman hand cream that is do die for, but they also threw it 3 packs of Mighty Tea and a toffee coated pretzel stick that my spawn claimed for our next tea party. Things like that are why I love to order from Birchbox. I actually just places another order the other day so I'll have another haul next week.

My hand is doing significantly better in case you were wondering. I'm finally bruise free and the swelling is basically gone. Now to just get rid of the pain in my ring and middle finger. But glad to be doing better.


  1. I'm not doing project pan, but I was inspired by your project pan posts! I am attempting to focus on emptying product bottles for my first "empties" post! Its going well, and it makes using up the last of these products a lot of fun!

    1. I'm glad they inspired you, it's been fun to do. I love "empties" posts, feel free to link yours in the comments of my "empties" post, which should go up Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm liking the picture improvements! It's always good to keep working on that - probably the most important part of blogging!
    Renee C.

    1. Thank you! Its nice to know people are noticing the changes. Though the weekend posts were all pictures I took before the switch so they look a little crappy in comparison. Thanks for stopping by!