Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Face Behind the Blog

Believe it or not, this blog is not run my an awesome robot who knows just what to say every single time. Shocking, I know. This blog has been so much fun to run for the last year and I am so grateful for each and every one of my readers. So I though I'd take a moment to pull back the curtain and give you all a glimpse of the Wizard.

Skyrim is my current jam. Insert arrow to the knee jokes here.

As you can probably tell from my Wizard of Oz allusion I'm a huge reader and an even bigger geek. Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, zombies, and cosplay. You name it and I probably do it. Except for LARPing, I haven't done that yet but there's a first for everything. I don't think I've really shown my geeky side on this blog, maybe I should run a series of comic book inspired manicures or makeup looks some time this year.

The two most important people in my life.
As far as my home life goes, I've been married to my husband Zach for almost 8 years now though it feels like we've always been together. We're very in sync most of the time, and he gets me in a way nobody else does. He laughs at my jokes, even the REALLY bad ones, so I love him to pieces. Almost 4 years ago I gave birth to my miracle baby, the child I thought I'd never have after my fight with Ovarian cancer that cost me half my reproductive system. My little boy, Callen, cracks me up everyday. He is currently having an "indoor camp out" in a play tent in his room after having a tea party with Daddy and I. He started taking Taekwondo lessons at the school I teach during the fall, getting to share something that has been a HUGE part of my life (I even met my husband there) has been really special and I hope he grows up loving it as much as I did.

I work at a Taekwondo school in the evenings, in case I haven't mentioned it recently. I've been teaching for almost 12 years now, which makes me feel pretty old to think about. I'm a 3rd degree Black Belt and one day when I can afford it I will test for my 4th. I help with the Tiny Tigers class, which is the class my son is in, and I teach the green belt through pre-black curriculum classes as well as a weapons class (Bo staff). I've done Taekwondo for almost 17 years and I've never regretted doing it at all. Even when I'm busted up and bruised or hobbling around on crutches for almost a year. I love it and can't see myself doing anything else.

We live in lovely Oregon, which is cold and wet 90% of the time but I love it here and will never move out of state. Unless its to my own private island of course. Where I live means within a few hours drive is the ocean, desert area, mountains, and some of the most amazing hiking in the states. I'm also super lucky in that there's an Ulta literally within walking distance. Great for this blog, not so great for the bank account. I also have a second Ulta and a Sephora within a quick drive which is awesome. And a used book store the size of a city block (several stories tall!). We hope to eventually move to the coast, but that probably won't happen for a while.

I hope you guys enjoyed a little peek into my actual life, sometimes its easy to forget that there is an actual person behind the words. Again, thank you so much for actually reading this blog, I am blown away every time I get on and see the page view counter go up and up and up. I am just blown away by the support I've received from people and fellow beauty bloggers. Thank you.


  1. Very nice post. It's nice to know some information about the person writing, but I'm sure it's kind of difficult to put personal information "out there." Very nicely done. I just recently discovered your blog and it is one of a very few that I subscribe to and read daily. My brother took Taekowndo for many years and quit as a second degree black belt. Now my son is taking from the same instructor, although I fear he will soon retire, and is an orange belt. I think it's a great thing and teaches so much more than defense and exercise. Though it is a huge commitment. I couldn't do it, so more power to you ( and lots of respect). As to your blog, I love all the tips. Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much for the kind words. Good luck to your son on his quest for black belt.