Saturday, February 7, 2015

Naturalico Speed Jump Rope Review

*I received this product free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own and freely given*

One of my goals for 2015 has been to get back into shape. Not lose weight, but get back into my pre-cancer level of fitness and muscle ton. But between work, running this blog, raising a child, and running a household I really don't have a lot of free time to exercise on my own. So I did some research into different exercise techniques and discovered that just 10 minutes of jump roping is equal to half an hour of regular cardio, improves your coordination, and helps to tone your lower body. I might have been borrowing my son's Donald Duck jump rope (shhh, don't tell him), so when I was given the opportunity to test out and review a speed jump rope by Naturalico I jumped (haha, get it? I'm so punny!) at the chance to try it out.

I will admit, I was not impressed at all when I opened the package up and saw the jump rope. I guess I'm so use to old school jump ropes that any thing else just seems cheap. Instead of a rope this have a rubber coated wire, which I learned was to increase durability. The nice thing about the wire is you can adjust the handles and actually cut off and shorten the rope, which was a nice perk for those of use who aren't six feet tall. I think I cut off about a foot of wire.

The handles are a hollow plastic, which again looked cheap but once I started using it I really liked them a lot. There's this unique ball bearing pivot system almost like a gyroscope that allows them to swing freely, which made jump roping easier. Well, easier than I normal jump rope. I am admittedly not very good at jump roping right now, I actually took this product into work with me and let a few of my students test it out as well. They all really liked it too, and apparently I suck worst than an eight year old at this. But the general consensuses is that the handles are friction less and the entire jump rope was really nice to use. It also comes with a nylon storage bag, and since it is so light I've been keeping the entire unit in my bag so I can work out whenever I have a spare ten minutes at work. And a jump rope isn't the weirdest thing I've carried in my purse this week by half.

There are quite a few work out routines with a jump rope on pinterest, I've been reading/studying this one for when I get good enough to actually try and do a routine. Right now I'm happy if I can go five minutes straight without messing up. Overall I'm very happy with the product and I'm so glad I didn't let my first impression stop me from actually using the jump rope and I hope this will be a good way to start back down the path to my six pack and "gun show". Do any of you jump rope? If you do, do you have any specific routines you'd like to share?

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