Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wonderpiel Charcoal Konjac Sponge Review

*I received this product free for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own*

Konjac sponges have become my new favorite thing (make sure to enter my giveaway for a set of regular ones), they are seriously amazing and do amazing things for your skin. Did you know there are different types of konjac sponges? I did not until I was offered a chance to try out a charcoal infused konjac sponge. Charcoal is great for pulling impurities out of the skin and my current favorite face mask is a charcoal based one, so I was super excited to try it out.

The first thing I noticed about the Wonderpiel version was the tear drop shape. This allows the user to reach all those difficult corners like around the nose and eyes. I really like the shape and I feel like I'm getting a more even exfoliation since I'm able to do smaller sections at a time. I use the wide end on my cheeks and forehead then I use the smaller pointed end to do my nose, around my eyes, temples, and my chin. I've even started doing my neck, which is an area I think post people forget about.

See how nicely it fits into the hard to reach places?
The Wonderpiel sponge is also softer in texture than other konjac sponges I've tried, less loofah feeling and more like a sponge. I haven't noticed a difference in exfoliating, the softer texture seems to do the job just as well as rougher konjacs. Because this sponge is softer I do use it on the more sensitive and delicate skin around my eyes, which I haven't done with previously tried konjac sponges. I also worry less about over scrubbing my face with this one and even let my toddler try it out from time to time. I'm trying to get my husband, Mr Anti-Skincare, to try it out on his super sensitive skin as well. No luck yet but I bet I'll talk him into it eventually.

Size comparison with my computer mouse
Now onto the best part, the charcoal. I am not one to shy away from chemicals and whatnot and have quite a collection of serums and lotions and creams that I often put on my skin, but it is a really nice change of pace to be able to use something not only natural but is all in one. The charcoal helps to pull the oils from my skin which has helped quite a bit with acne. I took a break with it for about 4 days when my hurt hand was at it's worst and I wasn't using any skincare stuff and by day 3 my skin was a mess. I've been using this again and I can already see some of my trouble spots clearing up. Because everything is built in all I have to do is wet it, press it dry, then massage my face with it. When I often don't get home from work till after 10 PM being able to clean my face AND exfoliate it that quickly is a lifesaver.

Konjac sponges as a whole are amazing and I love them, but this charcoal one really knocks it out of the ball park for me. Between the acne drying charcoal and the unique shape this sponge does everything I need it to do and them some. If you would like to purchase one for your self they are available on for $10 with free Prime Shipping.

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