Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Inside Smarts Laundry Bag Set Review

*I received this product free for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are 100% my own*

I am what my husband called "organized chaos, which drives him nuts but suits me quite well. I am particular about certain things, particular enough that I've been asked if I have OCD on several occasions. One of the things I'm particular about is laundry. I actually like doing laundry for the most part, though there are certain aspects of it that I seriously hate. Like losing a sock or hand washing things that I worry about getting damaged in the washer or dryer. I have a small mesh laundry bag that I use on delicate lingerie from time to time, but it is way to small to do more than a bra and panties at a time. Inside Smarts created a set of 4 laundry bags that can kind of become a big deal in how I do laundry.

The set has two large bags and two medium bags. One of the large bags is black, designating it as the bag for your darker colored clothes. The white bags can be used for your lighter colored clothes, though I guess you could use them however you want. I color code things (a lot) so I really liked the color coded system. I like to use one of the medium ones for socks and the other for underwear/bras to keep them together and to avoid leaving something in my communal washer and dryer (apartment living sucks sometimes). The large size are perfect for my leggings and certain work out gear that I really love and want to keep looking nice for longer. The large are big enough I could put a pair of actual pants in them though, so I will have to keep that in mind next time I wear my nice pants. If you travel these are perfect for separating out your dirty laundry from your clean stuff, and when you can get home you just toss the bags into the wash. Can't get a whole lot easier than that.

Excuse the red hands, I was cutting beets before this. But look at these nice seams!
As far as construction goes, the mess seems pretty sturdy and I'm not concerned about that ripping at all. The zippers are plastic, which means no metal parts to snag stuff or eventually rust. The seams are reinforced with bias tape, so I'm hoping they will last a while before they start to fray. Nothing lasts forever so I'm not expecting a lifetime of use out of these, but I'm pretty happy with the construction and the thoughtful little touches like the elastic pocket for the zipper so it won't bang around in the dryer.

Beets stain your hands you guys. Focus instead on this nice zipper pocket!
Overall I'm really happy with these and cannot wait to get more use out of them. I predict that I will be using them quite a bit come summer when I'm camping or swimming on a weekly basis. The price of these is really great too, currently on they are $15.95 with free Prime shipping. That makes them just under $4 a piece, which is a great deal. And honestly, if they keep me from losing one more toddler sized sock I'm calling that $15 well spent.

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