Friday, February 27, 2015

InstaNatural 100% Pure Essential Oils Review

*I received these free for testing and reviewing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own*

As someone who prefers to make a lot of their own bath products, essential oils are pretty high up on my list of important things to have on hand. But not all oils are created equal and I know certain brands have come under fire for either shady business dealings or not being as pure or natural as they claim to be. InstaNatural, which is a brand I've reviewed quite a few items from and both trust and love, now offers Essential Oils and were gracious enough to offer me two different ones to try out and review for free. And let me just say, my office space smells so good right now because I've had the bottles sitting on it for the last few days while I work on the review. Even my husband mentioned how good it smells.

I received the lemon essential oil and the peppermint essential oil, which are two of my favorite scents. The bottles are fairly large, each 4 fluid oz so will last your average user quite a while. I like that they used brown glass instead of clear glass or even plastic. The glass prevents chemicals leeching into the oil and the dark color helps slow down and prevent light from breaking the product down at a faster rate than it normally would. Each bottle, as you can see, also comes with a dropper built right into the cap, which makes measuring out what you need really simple.

Citrus is probably one of my favorite scents, so the 100% pure cold pressed lemon oil is my favorite out of the two. This is actually made from real lemon rinds, so you can't get more natural than this. The smell is really bright and uplifting and I'm already planning several different DIY projects to share with you guys using this one. The actual liquid is a pale yellow, which is what I would expect from something made from actual lemon rinds. I'm always suspicious of lemon products that are crystal clear but claim to be 100% pure.

The second bottle is the 100% steam distilled peppermint oil, also completely natural. The scent is sharp and obviously menthol, and is my personal favorite for times when I'm having anxiety issues. The liquid is crystal clear with no sign of impurities, which is a good sign. I've already done a DIY project with peppermint oil but I have a few more planned as well, including one for next Tuesday with the lemon oil.

These are completely natural, have no preservatives or other chemicals, are NOT tested on animals, and are made right here in the United States. I'm so happy to know that InstaNatural makes essential oils, I'll have to look and see what other ones they have available for purchase. If you want to purchase these you can find the Lemon Oil here and the Peppermint Oil here. You can also visit their website for more information on the products they offer.


  1. I am reviewing these next week, but i am glad you had a good experience with them. I don't draw my own baths too often as I prefer showers, but I think these oils make me want to do it more! Totally agree with you on the smell :-)

    1. A hand full of bath salts, a few drops of essential oil, and a drizzle of oil (I prefer almond). Best Bath ever. Maybe include a bath bomb.