Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Current Favorite, Pixi Beauty Bronzer

You ever use a product so much you suddenly realize you must in fact love it? That realization hit me the other day when I hit pan on my Pixi bronzer, I love this product! And what do beauty bloggers do when they love something? We blog about it of course! So consider this my love letter to the bronzer that made me like bronzers.

Pixi is a relatively affordable brand that is making it's way into more and more locations, such as Target, and into subscription boxes such as Ipsy. Most of their products are in the $10-$20 range, so perfect for people like me who are on a budget. They recently started carrying a line of skincare products, so it'll be interesting to see what they put out in the next few years. Though the line has been out for about 10 years, I've only really heard of them over the last year or so, mainly because of their Target launch.

As you can probably tell, mine is rather well loved. I use to keep it in my makeup bag but now it's my everyday bronzer for some light contouring. I seem to think they have a new design for the front of this bronzer but when I checked online it looked basically the same so I may be wrong there. There is 0.11 oz of product in it, so a pretty decent sized bronzer. You can buy this on their website or at Target for $18 for the bronzer and a little kabuki brush. I wish you could buy just the bronzer, not really feeling the brush, I think most people won't use it so it's just an extra expense.

I recently hit pan on this, as you can see, but I've been using it off and on for about a year now. I figure with my level of usage now I'll be done with it by Christmas time, which is pretty good I think. This is not matte, but I wouldn't consider it a shimmer either. More of a light frost or highlight, so a lot more usable than some other bronzers on the market in my opinion. I personally hate the really glittery bronzers, they just make me look like a brown disco ball. The frost on this is enough to give me a warm, glowing completion without entering disco ball range.

This is not the most pigmented bronzer on the market, but it is nicely buildable and very blendable for me at least. As I mentioned earlier I use it mainly for some light contouring, though on occasion I'll apply it with a big, fluffy brush for an allover glow. If I had to name one complaint it would be the lasting power, this definitely fades a lot quicker than I'd like. But other than that I love this product and will have to explore the rest of the Pixi line next time I'm cosmetic shopping at Target.

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