Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mani Monday...er I mean Tuesday

Hi everybody, my name is V and I'm a complete idiot sometimes. For those living in the States you know we had a three day weekend with Monday being Memorial Day. Memorial Day meant no work for myself or my husband, so basically an extra Sunday. Which means I forgot yesterday was actually Monday and today is Tuesday. I don't actually remember most of this weekend, which I'm going to blame on my new medication and some personal stuff that's been occupying my time. So long story short, here's my Mani Monday, just a day late. For this week's manicure I did something pretty easy since it was a holiday weekend, a snazzy take on the french manicure.

To do this manicure you will need:

  • A base color. I'm using my favorite champagne shade by ELF cosmetics, called Blush
  • A contrast color. I'm really feeling purples lately so I'm using another ELF cosmetics polish, this time called Purple Drea
  • A glitter polish. I wanted it to match my contrast color so I used the ELF cosmetics polish in the shade Gina Girl
  • A clear top coat. I used my favorite Ulta brand one
  • Nail polish remover and q-tips to clean up your edges

Step one, as almost always, is to apply your base coat. I did three layers since this is a rather translucent polish and my nails look extra crummy after my camping trip. Let them dry completely before moving onto the next step.

You can do this step several ways, just depending on the amount of time and effort you want to spend on it. Your goal is to get a stripe of color across the tip of each nail. The easiest and fastest way to to just use the brush that actually goes with the polish and just paint across the tip of your nail carefully. I do this often enough I never worry about it looking terrible, but I know if you don't have steady handy they can be a bit....messy. For those who don't mind spending a bit more time, you can use a thin brush to carefully paint in your line. If I'm doing someone else's nails OR this is step one in a complicated manicure I'll do this. And for those who NEED a perfectly straight line you can lay down some tape to cover everything but the tip of your nails and paint it that way. Let this dry completely before you move onto step three.

Now you care going to go over the contrast color with your glitter polish of choice. I wanted a subtle amount of sparkle so I don't did one pass, but you can do as many as you want. Let this dry completely before doing anything else.

Now top with the clear top coat and clean up your edges if you got any polish on your skin. A nice and easy but totally snazzy french manicure with a twist. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you tomorrow (which is Wednesday) for a colorful review of a new item I'm excited for, unless my spawn runs off with it again. We shall see.

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