Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Last Thursday of the month, whoohoo! End of the months are always my favorite because that means pay day is right around the corner, as well as Birchbox spoilers. But mainly pay day. As per my usual I'm joining Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her weekly Thursday Thoughts link up!

Firstly, I have something exciting planned for this Sunday so make sure you pop on over if you aren't a regular reader. Since I moved Tutorial Tuesdays over to my YouTube channel (working on it I promise) I've been working on a new weekly feature to replace it and I've decided to do Small Business Sundays. I'd like to use my blog to help promote woman owned small businesses in the beauty, makeup, and fashion industry. I've got my first one all ready to go up this Sunday and my second one is in the process of working out the details. I'm very excited for this project and I hope you guys are too.

Speaking of my blog, I made some nifty new business cards (and stickers) for it! I've actually been fiddling with these for months and months, so to have them printed and in my hand is a big deal for me. Now to finally decide on a logo and maybe make some spiffy stuff. Would anybody be interested in Best Beauty for my Buck branded stuff?

My giant Birchbox haul arrived on Friday, can you believe I got all of this stuff for just under $15?!?! I'll have reviews of everything up sometime in the next week or so, still testing and playing with things. I love that Birchbox included another set of Mighty Tea as a bonus, they are seriously delicious but a bit expensive for my budget.


  1. Could you give me your opinion on the Air Repair cleanser? And the Beauty Protector Protect & Oil? I'm about to make a Birchbox purchase, and those are two of the things I'm considering!

    1. Beauty Protector Oil I swear by, it is amazing. I have a blog post on it actually, right here ( The Air Repair cleanser is super super gentle, even more gentle than a lotion cleanser I think. I like it so far, nice for days I got to much sun. I'll be doing a full review of that next week. Thanks for stopping by.