Friday, May 15, 2015

Coastal Scents Go Palette Beijing

I will be the first to admit I own more eyeshadow than I can actually use in my lifetime, but it seems like I never have quite the color I need so I go out and buy a new palette to use and love until a new one catches my eye. This habit is how I ended up buying my latest palette, the Go Palette Beijing by Coastal Scents. If you've been reading this blog for a while you know I own and LOVE the Revealed and Revealed 2 palettes by them, so I've been eyeballing some of their other products.

The Go Palettes are cute little 12 shadow palettes with color schemes based off of different locations. There are currently 4 listed on their website, but I know at one point there were 7 different ones total. The Sydney one is full of super bright colors, while the Cairo one is all wonderful neutrals. I picked the Beijing one, which has a range of purples, pinks, golds, and a deep green I've fallen in love with. These are great Fall colors, but I'll wear them year round for sure.

The first row is what initially convinced me that I needed this palette, not that I ever need a whole lot of convincing. I love those shades and tend to wear some variation of them at least twice a week. All the shades in this palette have some level of shimmer to them, which is what I actually prefer. I'm just not a matte girl most of the time. As you can see from the swatches these are fairly pigmented colors and like all the other shadows from Coastal Scents are nice and smooth with no real chalkiness.

The second row is also gorgeous, with some more purples and pinks. The black looking shade on the far right is either an incredibly dark purple or a black, I haven't actually decided yet. I swear sometimes I think it is a dark purple and other times I'm sure it is black, such an unusual color. I can see myself doing an eye makeup look using this whole row easily.

The last row contains the more neutral shades and the green I mentioned earlier. The golden color is a more mellow gold than you usually see, which I think makes it more wearable. Not everybody can pull of GOLD gold eyeshadow on a daily basis. Again, I can see myself doing an eye look with the whole bottom row easy, and I know already that the green and gold together make for an awesome eye makeup look.

For the most part all of the shades in this palette can be mixed and matched with each other minus the dark green. I think this is a very versatile palette that's just the right size to carry around in my makeup bag if I wanted too. If my current vacation wasn't a long camping trip I can guarantee this would be in my bag with me. I am really enjoying this palette and now want to get at least one more of the Go Palette set. And for $8.95 they are budget friendly enough I can.

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