Monday, May 25, 2015

Liquid Gold for my Hair

Sometimes I find a line of products where everything is amazing and the company can do no wrong in my book. The Beauty Protector line, which is exclusive to Birchbox, is one of those companies. I swear by their detangling spray and have loved the body wash and lotion (I reviewed everything here), so its no surprise that I wanted to try everything from the line. Last month I got a sample size of their Protect and Oil and loved it so much I ordered a full sized one, which just arrived of Friday so I thought I would do a more in depth review of it for you guys.

The Protect and Oil is an Argan Oil based hair oil you can use either on dry or wet hair (I prefer wet). It's suppose to tame frizziness, increase shine and softness, and help protect the hair from the harmful effects of UV rays and heat damage. The oil itself is lightweight, non-sticky, and have the heavenly smell that all of Beauty Protector's products have. Seriously, they need to come out with a perfume or body spray like right now. I would buy it by the gallon, it smells like cupcake heaven with extra sprinkles. Each matte black bottle is 4 oz, and retails for $25.95, but since the little vial I received in my Birchbox lasted me about a month I figure the full sized will last me about a year.

To use it, you rub between 1-3 drops into the palms of your hands then smooth it through your hair. If I use it with dry hair I apply a few drops to the tips of my hair and then use whatever is left on my hands to smooth down any frizzies I might be experiencing that day. When my hair is wet, I like to apply 3 drops throughout all of my hair before I brush it out. My hair is tons shinier, seems to dry faster, and is much more manageable on the days I use this oil in it.

I've tried lots of different oils in my hair and this is the best one hands down, and the one I will keep coming back to over and over and over again. When people ask me how I keep my hair so soft and looking so nice, I point to this whole line of products and say take your pick. I highly recommend everything in this line and especially the Protect and Oil, which might be my favorite out of the whole line now. If you want a bottle of you own, you can only find it here at Birchbox.


  1. Hi again!
    I received this sample vial of this, too, but it only seemed to have 4-5 uses in it since I have extremely long, thick hair. Do 3 drops really cover all of your hair successfully?

    1. I have super long (down to my butt) hair, and 3 drops does cover it. When your hair is wet it does spread better. Focus on the area from your ears down, and remember you don't need to saturate it. To much and your hair looks greasy and feels sticky,

    2. Thank you, Victoria!