Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015 Empties

First day of a new month means  it is time to check out my trash! Also known as my monthly empties post, where I look back at what I used up and whether or not it is worth repurchasing. Due to being crazy ill (see last post for details) I did not use up anywhere near as much as I had anticipated, so I'm expecting my May empties to be quite large.

All total I finished up 15 items, which isn't actually bad at all. And there's several makeup items, so that's a big win there. Overall most of these products are ones I won't be repurchasing, minus an item or two nothing was super awesome and I can't live without it. Let's dig in.

Kirkland Makeup Removal Wipes: Repurchase. These are constantly in my empties, so I'm sure you are as sick of hearing about them as I am sick of talking about them.

Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo: Not Repurchasing. While I liked this shampoo I can't justify spending $25 on a shampoo, my budget just won't allow it. If I had the money I would probably repurchase it though.

Up&Up Shaving Cream: Repurchasing. I recently switched back to using shaving cream while I shave and I have to admit I like it quite a bit better. This scent was amazing, so unless one of the other types is on sale I'll pick up another can of this over the weekend.

Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash: Repurchasing. I got this sample for free and I LOVED IT!! I can't say enough about how wonderful it smelled, made my skin feel, how nice of a lather I got from it, or how long this little bottle lasted. Once I'm through my hoard of body wash I will be buying a full sized one for sure.

Whish Hair Inhibitor: Not Repurchasing. This was suppose to slow down hair growth so you won't have to shave as often. I say suppose to because I didn't notice any sort of difference at all between the leg I tested it on and the one I didn't use it on. And according to my husband the leg I DIDN'T use this on felt less hairy after my week long trial.

Which Shaving Cream: Not Repurchasing. The first time I tried Whish shaving cream I loved it, but this scent made me want to puke. Major fail.

I'm going to make this section easy and say I will Not Repurchase any of these items.

Origins CC Cream: This had a habit of turning my face orange and smelled like fruit loops. No thank you.

Embroilyse: So while I thought it was a decent lotion I don't see what all the fuss is about over this product.

Evologie Acne Serum: My ELF zit zapper works twice as well for a fraction of the price without leaving my skin sticky.

Jersey Shore Sunscreen: Thick, turned my skin white, and separated after the first use

Coppertone Sunscreen: I liked this stuff initially but it separated pretty quickly.

Jar #1: Not Repurchasing. This was a brown eyeshadow (I think from my Project Pan), and while I liked it I'm glad it's all gone and I can move onto new colors.

Jar #2: Not Repurchasing. Another Project Pan shadow, I really liked this color but I have a million other eyeshadows to finish before I buy any more.

Jar with Flower: Undecided. This was a Camille Beckman hand lotion, and I fell in love with it. The scent was wonderful and it was so thick and luscious. BUT it is expensive for a tube of hand cream. Not sure what I'll do.

ELF Eyeshadow Primer: Undecided. I'm normally a huge fan of the ELF shadow primers, but this one didn't hold up very well. I'm hoping this was just a bad tube and not a problem with the formula. I'll pick up a new tube this weekend probably and see. Maybe.

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