Monday, May 4, 2015

Faux Metal Rivet Manicure

Hello, and welcome to my slightly delayed Mani Monday. Last night was really rough health wise but I'm feeling ok enough today to hold off on an emergency Doctor visit. So here's the manicure I had almost done and ready to go. I'm sorry it's so picture light, I was having major issues and just needed to go lay down.

To do this manicure you will need:

  • Base color. I'm using an Essie polish called Sweet &Delicious
  • Metal colored polish. I'm using another Essie polish called Pin the Tassel
  • Clear top coat. Using my favorite Ulta brand one
  • A dotting tool
  • Nail polish remover and q-tips to clean up your edges

First, paint your base color. This particular Essie polish only needed one coat but I did a second just to make sure it was smooth. Let it dry completely before you move onto the next step.

I find it easiest to place a drop of polish onto a piece of paper and dip my dotting tool into that. Using the larger dotter, place a line of evenly spaced dots in the middle of your nail from the base to the tip. This should look like a line of rivets. Repeat this step on each nail.

Once dry, top with clear nail polish, then clean up your edges with the q-tips and polish remover. I really love how this looks, though it feels more Fall than Spring with the particular colors I used. But that's the fun of these manicures, you can choose any color combination you want.

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