Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adovia Purifying Mud Mask

*I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes, all opinions are 100% my own*

I've been really focusing on my skincare for the last few months, with great results. The number of acne outbreaks is down to once a month and even that is much milder than it use to be. One of the things that I'm doing a lot of is at least twice a week I do a face mask of some sort. I really love clay or mud masks and I feel like I get the most benefit from them, so when I had the opportunity to test out a Dead Sea mineral mud mask by Adovia I said sign me up! Now I've tested Adovia products in the past (Bath Salts and an Anti-Wrinkle Cream), so I both trust and like this brand.

This is an incredibly thick, natural colored mask with a light floral scent. There is no added coloring or scent, which is really nice for my allergies. Adovia is also not tested on animals, so this is a guilt free product. There is Dead Sea Black Mud, jojoba, evening primrose, and olive oil to help leave your skin soft as can be. My skin especially loved the aloe vera and chamomile to help soothe it since my allergies have left my skin tender and prone to hives this week. There is so much good for your skin stuff in this that if I tried to talk about every one this post would be a novel.

What you do is apply a thin layer, wait for it to dry, then rinse off and marvel at your skin. I like to apply my masks at night after work, as a way to kind of destress and unwind from work. This applied pretty well, because you need a thin layer I found a little went further than I expected. It didn't make my face itchy as it dried, which is something I notice with some other masks. After about ten minutes I rinsed it off and I thought my skin looked great. The mud helped absorb excess oil from my skin and all the other goodies left my skin looking brighter and felt softer as well. Did it make a huge difference on the few acne blemishes I had? No, but this isn't really designed to wipe out acne.

Overall I really liked this mask and have already added it to my weekly stack of face masks. If you are looking for a mask that will purify your skin and leave it soft and bright looking I recommend this one for sure. You can purchase it here, and while $19.95 is a bit more than I usually spent of skincare products, this will last me for quite a while so I'm pretty ok with the price.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your review on this Dead Sea sounds like it has a lot beneficial stuff plus its non-drying!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty