Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Another week, another Thursday so that means its time for my weekly link up with Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts link up. So let's get started.

I haven't decided if I'm actually getting better yet, but I'm at least not getting worst like I was earlier this week. I know not being well is really taking it's toll on this blog, and I am so sorry for that. I'm doing the best I can right now, thank you so much for being as patient as you have been.

I repressed the blush from my Project Pan again, so I thought I'd give you guys a quick update on that. I have this blush, which should be done or almost done by the end of the month. My lip balm is almost done too, though I've been ignoring the lipstick so that might not get finished by the first day of summer. The two eyeliners are getting close, one should be done by the end of the month and the other by the end of June (hopefully). But other than those items everything else is finished, which is a huge deal! Is anybody else working on a Project Pan?

I love the beauty blogger community, they are all so awesome and friendly. Case in point, YouTube vlogger Zainey Laney sent me this amazing gift pack of lipglosses just because she is awesome. I've worn all but the ELF gloss, and I love them so far. I'll probably wear the ELF one tomorrow, unless some other look is calling to me. But if you guys aren't watching her vlogs you should, they're great. She also has an Etsy shop of adorable geeky jewelry, so you should check that out too.

Have I mentioned yet that a donut place went in literally right across the street from where I live? They are amazing you guys. Not only are the donuts so good it should be illegal, but the employees are the nicest ever. They let my son (who's 4) go behind the counter to pick out a free extra donut, so that was really exciting for him. We've made a weekly treat of stopping in for a donut and a coffee for me (really good coffee too), I'm pretty sure I'll need to up my exercise game to keep up with these.

Have any of you actually used up a whole bottle of nail polish? They seem to be that item that never ever runs out. I've been using a certain polish quite a bit lately it seems on my toes so I'm debating trying to finish it up. Maybe once my actual Project Pan is done I'll start on a nail polish one.

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