Sunday, December 21, 2014

ELF HD Lifting Concealer

Eyes Lips Face (aka ELF) Cosmetics is a company I've talked about quite a bit on this blog. They tend to be fairly low prices ($1-$3 on average), and for the most part their stuff is decent. I say most part because some things are complete and utter crap, like the mascara and the liquid eyeliners. They use to only be available online but now they can be found in tons of stores, including my local 7-11. The availability in stores is great because ordering from their site is a horrible experience. I've ordered 3 times from them, each a large order, and had massive issues with delays, missing products, broken items, the list goes on and one. Sometimes they send you random things you didn't order as well, which can sometimes lead to finding a new product you love.

The HD Lifting Concealer ($3) is one of those mystery items that showed up instead of what I actually ordered (and never ever received by the way, ended up getting a refund on those items). I actually hated this the first few times I used it till I finally figured it out. This isn't a cover your acne sort of concealer, it really works best to cover your dark circles. This is a slightly yellow based concealer, so you really don't want to use it to cover up anything other than dark circles.

I actually really like this concealer, but there are some tricks to using it. You must apply it under your foundation, otherwise it looks really unnatural. It spreads really well so a little goes a long way. And never ever try to use the applicator to smooth out the concealer, it won't be pretty. Trust me on that. Use your finger to smooth it out and blend the edges, let dry for a bit then dab your foundation over top. Set with your powder of choice and nobody will know that you were up all night for the third day in a row.

I have seen this item at my local Targets, and I heard all Old Navy's will start carrying them as well, so you should be able to find them really easily. I haven't found an under eye concealer that works as well as this does, and honestly with a $3 price tag I'm pretty happy with it and won't be switching over to anything else.

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