Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Hello and welcome to another Thursday Thoughts, a weekly link up I participate hosted by Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. Let's get started!

I am so sorry for not posting a blog yesterday, there was a sudden shift in my work schedule due to a medical thing so I've been a little busy and just did not have time to write it. Today and tomorrow will be busy work days as well so expect shorter posts this week. Very glad I have all of next week off, I want to do some serious blogging.

My Birchbox came this week (yay!) and I just had to share how gorgeous this month's box is! I save the boxes anyways to store stuff in, but this one would be to pretty to toss even if I didn't keep them. If you guys save your boxes what do you use them for? I've seen some really cool DIY projects done with them, has anyone attempted them before?

If you follow me on Instagram you saw this already, but after the first of the year I am going to start doing some vlogging on YouTube! As of right now it'll be just a video every week or so, but it should be fun and will be a good step forward for my blog. But like I said, this won't happen till after the first of the year.

I got another VoxBox from Influenster, this time it was a box full of Hersey's Kisses to make cookies with. I bake a TON, especially this time of year, so this was a really nice surprise. This is the third "box" I've received from them, the last one was a ear thermometer to use on my wee munchkin and the very first one had lots of different things in it like makeup, kleenex, neosporin spray, and other random stuff. I really enjoy Influenster and can't wait to make some cookies!

This is my "giant box of stuff to finish or make a huge dent in" update. I'm basically done with everything I think I can use up before the end of the month minus a primer that has maybe 2 uses left. I *might* finish a lip balm but that'll be it for empties from the basket. I am making a serious dent in some things, like an eye gel and this eyeshadow palette. Hitting pan on something is so satisfying, especially when it's something that normally takes me forever to use up. I think for January I will do another challenge of some sort, I'll post about it in my December empties post.

And that's it for this week. Next Thursday is Christmas so I may not have a Thursday Thoughts up, I haven't actually decided yet to be truthful. I'd like to wish my Jewish readers a happy Hanuka and I will see you guys tomorrow!

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