Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 2014 Empties

The end of a month means it's time to look back and see what all I used up and what I'll be repurchasing. In October I predicted a small pile for November, maybe around ten items. Let's dive in and see how I actually did.

Yeah, I did about as expected. 13 items total, so not a huge amount finished. But October was a pretty good month so it evens out I guess. I'm just going to dive right into the items because I have other stuff to talk about.

Mason Jar: N/A The jar held some homemade toner pads, which I liked quite a bit but I'm using a different recipe for the winter months.

Altoids Tin: N/A This held my chocolate mint lip scrub, which I liked quite a bit. Currently using my fall flavored scrub.

Muslim Cloth: Not Repurchasing This is the cloth from that nasty cleanser I tried last month. The cloth was nice to wash my masks and stuff off in the shower but it's all gross now and honestly I have wash clothes that do the same thing.

Kirkland Makeup Removal Wipes: Repurchasing I am finally out of my Costco box of these, so I'll be getting more this weekend. But as I've said in the past, I really like these and will continue to get them.

LA Fresh Makeup Removal Wipes: Not Repurchasing These came in an Ipsy bag and were utter crap. Super small, SUPER thin, smelled weird, and just didn't do a good job removing my makeup.

Feria Conditioner...Stuff: Not Repurchasing This is the last tube of conditioner stuff that came with my hair dye. I'm pretty unhappy with this brand, I feel like y color faded super fast and never really set. I'll probably redye it this month with a different brand, my roots are getting pretty long.

Not Soap Radio Body Wash: Repurchase This was a free item from a Birchbox order and I loved it! Smelled like lemon sugar, made for a super relaxing bath. Once the holidays are over I'll be ordering the whole set so I can try all the different scents out and see which one is my favorite.

Beauty Protector Spray: Repurchase I actually already bought a full sized one, this was the sample that came in my October Birchbox. I LOOOVED this, it smells divine, detangles my hair, makes it soft and shiny, and protects it. This will become a staple in my household for sure.

Aveda Perfume: Undecided This was my free birthday perfume from Aveda, and while I really liked the scent I'm debating trying a different one next time. It did last a while though, which was nice. And it smelled great.

Nivea Creme: Repurchase I like to keep a lotion in my desk and this has been my favorite so far. Worked great and had a really good price for the full sized (this was a travel one) so I will be picking up a full sized one probably after the holidays.

Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner: Undecided This was my first introduction to the world of non-crappy liquid eyeliners. I loved the formula and the felt tipped brush but I'm not crazy about the price. I'm going to try a few other brands before I decide if I want to repurchase this one or not.

Caudalie Divine Oil: Repurchase Another item from Birchbox, this dry oil was fabulous and I used it to keep my hands and nails looking great. It is expensive though so this will be a birthday treat for sure.

Essence Get Big Mascara: Not Repurchase This brand gets a lot of love online for their mascaras, and at $4-5 a piece they are worth trying for sure. This one got really clumpy after a month of use and is super not water proof, so I'm actually chucking it before I actually finish this. But I'll be trying some of the other mascaras Essence offers just to see why so many people love them.

That's it for my empties, I am proud that so many of them were larger items or things I really needed to use up. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seem my picture (the one above) of the basket full of stuff. There were 30 items in that basket, and my goal for December is to finish them all off, or at least make some serious progress on them. I'll report on how I'm doing so far during tomorrow's Thursday Thoughts, but this will be an interesting challenge for sure.

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