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One Direction Collectible Makeup Tins + Giveaway!

EDIT: There was a problem with the collectible tins giveaway, a new giveaway for a giant case of makeup has been put up instead. So sorry for the confusion and good luck on the new giveaway!

*I received these free for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and given freely.*

One Direction has put out several makeup sets over the last year, and I was given the opportunity to test and review their latest set, these limited edition Collectible Makeup Tins. There are five of them in all, one for each member, and I received three of them. Now I don't know anything about 1D, couldn't even name a song to save my life, so this review will not cover the 1D aspect of them. They do have an autograph and a picture of the members on them, so I guess that is cool if you like them.

The makeup is exactly the same in all of the tins, which I find silly. Why release five tins if they are all basically the same? I would have done a color scheme that matched the boy's personalities had it been up to me. Each tin comes with six eyeshadows, four lip gloss pans, an eyeliner, a lip gloss topper, and two nail polishes. The makeup itself is made by the brand Markwins, which isn't a bad brand.

Let's start with the nail polish. These are what I would call a mini bottle for sure, only 0.19 fluid oz each. One is a solid color while the other is a clear polish with glitter in it. As far as quality goes they are pretty standard polish, about on par with Wet and Wild or a similar polish

Stole My Heart is a hot pink with some micro glitter in it. I really liked this one, though it needed three solid coats to make it opaque enough for me. But it is a really fun and bright shade that I'll for sure use in the future.

Alive is a multicolor glitter that I think pairs well with the other shade or even looks cute by itself. This is a more chunky glitter than I normally buy, but it gave it a funky edge which goes with the tin well. Overall I think the polishes are great and I'm glad to see them included into the kit.

Next is the eyeliner pencil, called I Want. This is your basic cheap black eyeliner. Not very pigmented and smeared pretty easily. If you wore this out and about, like I did, you would need to bring it with you to touch up throughout the day.

I did find that it smeared a bit while I was at work so I did end up with almost raccoon eyes. Not a liner I would recommend or will continue to use. I think this will go in the play makeup pile I have for my son.

This comes with four lip glosses in a pan, a bright pink one called Loved You First, a pale pink one called One Thing, a shimmery rose called Irresistible, and a bronze one called Heart Attack. I did not try any of these on my lips, they contain coconut so are unsafe for me to use. I did swatch them on my arm and I have to say I'm very impressed by the colors.

Loved You First was very pigmented, almost more of a lipstick than gloss. One Thing was kind of a frosted look, which would be cool layers over another color. Irresistible was also very pigmented and really looks just like it did in the pan. And Heart Attack will give a golden sheen to your lips. No idea about lasting power, I wiped them off pretty quickly to avoid a rash. The bright pink one though stained my arm a bit though.

There was also a lip top coat  called Over Again, which is basically a clear gloss with silver glitter you can layer over whatever color you used. This did not contain coconut so I did try it (the swatch is the shiny bit next to the eyeliner swatch), and it wasn't super sticky or gritty like a lot of glitter glosses can be. Glitter gloss is not a normal for me but it could be fun for a night out I guess. If I were a tween I'd be all over this though, I loved me some glitter in jr high.

Untouched, see how pretty it is?

Once used, the lies come to the surface. No more shimmer
Lastly we have the eyeshadows. I would like to first say I'm pretty grumpy about the eyeshadows and I feel like the company was being dishonest in their representation of colors. If you look at the picture at the top of the unswatched palette you will see that all six of the eyeshadows are shimmery and lovely. I especially fell in love with the top middle one, a shade called Tell Me a Lie (the irony of the name is not lost on me). The first test swatch I did was amazing, the colors were beautiful and shimmery and I was super impressed. So the next day I went to put them on for some real world testing and guess what? The beauty shimmery color of the whole top row is actually just an over spray. The shimmery silver is actually a sort of shimmery silver, the GORGEOUS shimmery mocha color is actually MUD BROWN, and the shimmery sea green is actually a pastel sea green. That is deceitful and honestly bad form. Don't lie to your customers about what color they are actually buying, they'll never buy from you again. The bottom row is actually the color it originally looked like, so I have no idea why they did that to the top row.

As far as the actual colors go, The top right is Nobody Compares (muted silver), Tell Me a Lie (Mud Brown) and Same Mistakes (pastel sea green). They aren't to bad on the pigmentation side, but I'm to angry about the fast one they tried to pull to really want to use them now.

The bottom row is I Would (a glittery dark brown), Summer Love (a chalky dark plum shade with a hint of glitter), and Everything About You (a poorly pigmented black that swatches more dark greyish than black). The bottom row was not impressive pigment or color wise. So overall I think they really lost points over the eyeshadow both in the performance and in how they lied to to consumer.

Overall I think these are fine for a tween or someone just getting into makeup but aren't something an experienced makeup user would really like. You can buy these at Target, KMart, Sears (US only), and Walmart (canada only), not sure how much they are retailing for, I haven't seen them at my local Target but I'm guessing somewhere around $20. In case you absolutely have to have one of these, you have a chance to win with this GIVEAWAY! Good luck to all who enter! (Giveaway put on by Markwins)

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