Friday, December 5, 2014

The "Where Have You Been All My Life" Hair Brush

I have uber long hair (almost to my butt) so the battle to keep it tangle free has been an uphill one for years. My typical routine was my rats nest, a bottle of detangling spray, and a wide tooth comb for 10 minutes straight. I have really good detangling spray so that helps, but no matter what my hair was getting ripped up and I was debating cutting my hair short instead of dealing with the tangles mess every single day. One day while window shopping on the Birchbox site I found the Macadamia Professional No Tangle Brush and thought I'd give it a go.

My verdict is, holy shit why didn't I buy this sooner! Seriously, this thing is amazing. I can actually get my hair detangled in just a few minutes, and it works even if I don't use my detangling spray.

The flexible bristles are two different lengths, which kind of "divides and conquers" my knots with no tugging, ripping, pain, or cursing. And it feels amazing on your scalp. Like a hundred tiny little fingers massaging my head. It feels so good my three year old has to use it every time he goes to the bathroom.

The whole thing is plastic, which makes cleaning it up super simple. I'm actually thinking I can probably throw it in my dishwasher (top shelf) to clean off any hair stuff residue if I'm feeling especially lazy. The brush is weirdly shaped and that took a bit to get figured out, but it actually fits really well in my hand now. The whole thing is only $15, which I think is a really good value and I would buy another one in a heart beat. I highly recommend this product and I give it two thumbs up and a gold star!

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