Saturday, December 6, 2014

Weekend Tips and Tricks

First weekend of December, anybody else having horrible anxiety already? Holidays can be an extra stressful time for many people, myself included, so here are some tips and tricks to making your daily routines run a little bit smoother (or cheaper).

Tip #1: Teeth a little yellow but you really don't have enough time to bleach them before that party? Pick a blue based lipstick (might I suggest a lovely purple shade?) instead of a yellow based one. Think cool colors rather than warm ones. Warm colors, like that brick red shade we all love, can accentuate the yellow of your teeth. A blue based color will have the opposite effect.

Tip #2: Spray hairspray on an old (but clean) tooth brush and use that to smooth down fly aways that are turning your chic updo into a fluffy mess.

Tip #3: Do any major changes, like a hair cut or a dye job, at LEAST a week before your big event. That way you have enough time to deal with a bad hair cut or a dye job that went horribly, horribly wrong. You never want to do it the day before or the day of your event. Unless you want pictures of you floating around with orange hair for eternity. I've been there, it sucks.

Tip #4: Day old hair holds styles the best, so think about showering the night before your event. If you hair is looking a little greasy try some dry shampoo. Not only will that degrease you but will help your pins and clips stay in a bit better.

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