Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day By Day Beauty Luxury Blotting Paper Review

*I received this product free for testing and reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own*

If you are like me, you put a lot of time, energy, and effort into your makeup each day and nothing is worst than having an oily, greasy face ruin it come midday. You can put another coat of powder on to fix it but then you run the risk of being a powdery, cakey mess and ain't nobody got time for that. So I and pretty much every Makeup Artist I know uses and recommends blotting papers. These thin sheets are like magical sponges that suck up all the oil while leaving your makeup perfectly in place. The people at Day By Day Beauty have a set of blotting sheets that I was recently given the opportunity to test out and review and it was love at first pat.

For those who have never used blotting sheets, they are super simple. You take one and you press it to the areas that need degreasing. I can typically do my whole face with one sheet, but my cheeks don't typically get oily during the day. And since you are just patting them to your skin your makeup won't be disturbed, making it a huge win win in my book.

There are 100 sheets in each little package, which is just the right side to slip into my purse pocket, my makeup bag, or even my pocket if I wanted too. And they come in a double pack, so you can keep one in your makeup bag AND one in another purse which is what I do. They are cruelty free and recyclable since they are essentially just paper.

Left is a used sheet (eww), right is a new sheet. I had washed my face a few hours ago, no makeup.
And they work super well. So well in fact I was a little horrified at just how much oil was on my face the first time I used them. If you've ever used a napkin to degrease a slice of pizza that's what the sheet looked like. It had been a long day in a warm place is my defense. But even on "normal" days I am super impressed at how much the paper absorbs, and I've never had it mess up my makeup. The price is fantastic on these too, they are currently $9.95 in their Amazon Listing, with free prime shipping. That is a seriously good deal you guys, that works out to less than five cents a sheet. There is a certain company out there that charges $12 for 30 sheets, so I think Day By Day Beauty wins the budget battle hands down. I love these and have incorporated them into my normal midday beauty routine.

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