Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekend Tips and Tricks

I love that first real weekend after all the holidays are over. Gives you a chance to breathe, gather your thoughts, and plan just what comes next. My family is using this weekend to purge our apartment of things we no longer need, sort of a "out with the old, in with the new". So today's tips will be geared towards helping you move away from the old and entering 2015 a new you.

Tip #1: Makeup and skin care products have expiration dates. Go through everything you own and finally toss that 5 year old lipstick or blush you've been using since the 90's. Not sure how long makeup is good for? Check out this post.

Tip #2: The skin care regime you were using during the summer won't be the best for your skin during the harsh winter months (unless you live in some place sunny year round, in which case you are good to go). Hydration will be even more important for your skin so make sure you are using a really good night cream and don't skip that morning one either. Lotions break you out? Try a hyaluronic acid serum instead. All the moisturizing perks with none of the acne inducing headache of traditional lotions.

Tip #3: Baking soda makes a great gentle exfoliate. Just mix some into a bit of water until it is a loose paste then scrub (gently) away. It will also cleanse your skin and help dry up any acne you have.

Tip #4: Those long, hot baths/showers feel amazing this time of year, but will significantly dry your skin out. Try and limit how long you stay in the hot water and use a really good moisturizer as soon as you are dried off to help lock in moisture.

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