Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to Remove Jamberry Nail Wraps + Final Review

Hi everybody, welcome to this week's edition of Tutorial Tuesday. This week I'll be showing you how to actually remove the wraps I put on in this post as well as doing a final impressions sort of review. I would like to say that the instructions on these wraps were different that the last ones I tried, so these may be different from what your package tells you.

To remove your wraps you need:

  • Nail Polish Remover. I'm using the Maximum Strength stuff I bought from Ulta.
  • A small glass. I'm using a shot glass, seemed the right size.
  • A towel to clean your nails up with and catch any nail polish remover drips.
Not Vodka
Pour some of the remover into the shot glass, I went about halfway up.

Last a whole week my ass
Now according to the package, you are suppose to peel the edge of the wrap up a bit to break the seal. All of mine were already peeling so I didn't have to worry about this, but if yours are still looking nice use another nail to wiggle in between your wrap and your nail.

Now, again according to the packaging, soak the nail in the nail polish remover for 20-30 seconds. The wrap should basically slide off (according to the packaging) nice and easily. I keep saying according because what actually worked was different from the instructions. So on my thumb I left it in for 25 seconds and I could see the clear top coat peel off, which I though was a good thing. So I take my thumb out, gasp in horror at how badly it dried my thumb out, then fight with the bloody wrap for about a minute before I can get it off. So what actually happens in you leave the wrap in the remover that long is it turns into a sticky, glued on sheet of jelly, making it damn impossible to grab and peel off. And this wrap was already halfway peeled off when I placed it in the remover, so it should have been a piece of cake.

It was jelly, so weird
Here's what you actually need to do. Only leave the finger in the remover for ten seconds, anything past that and the wrap will split apart and jellify (not a word I thought I would use on this blog). After ten seconds, pull the finger out and the wrap will typically come off without taking part of your nail with it. I say typically because I still had peeling on two of my nails.

Do you see the horrible peeling damage at the base of the nail?
After all the wraps are off you'll need to go pack and use the remover again to clean up any sticky residue. Then I suggest you read this post on how to repair the damage the wraps have done to your nails.

And there will be damage. I have a split on my right middle finger, the cuticle is DESTROYED on that finger as well, my left thumb is badly peeled, both my pinkies are a mess, and all my nails feel dry and brittle. Plus the dried out fingers from the polish remover. Two of my wraps had peeled off already before I removed the rest (one lasted 2 days before it came off) and those are the only nails that look halfway decent. 

My poor nails
So I've tried Jamberry wraps twice now and both times I was unimpressed with the lasting power and very unhappy with the state of my nails once they were remover. Wraps don't chip like polish does, what they do is split apart and peel and come up off the nail. By day four if I ran my hand through my hair I'd get it stuck because of the peeling. And I scratched my face with the jagged edge of one of the nails. From a distance they still looked ok after a week, but anybody who actually looked at my fingers would have seen how awful they looked. The pictures probably don't know it very well, but it was narly. I do not recommend Jamberry wraps at all and will never subject my nails to that again.

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