Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Welcome to another Thursday Thoughts, my normal weekend link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. I'm just going to dive right in this week.

First off, my big YouTube plans has hit a snag. I discovered my webcam takes truly awful video, so I need to figure something else out. My camera takes videos, I may try that and see how well that goes. Any of my readers have a YouTube channel? What do you use to record them? And feel free to post your channel link in the comments below, I'm always looking for new videos to watch.

I got this eyeliner in my December Birchbox and I finally used it for the first time on Tuesday. I was so not sure about the color but once I tried it I really like it. It's darker than I thought, but still an unusual enough that it isn't boring at all. That's what I love about Birchbox, I get to try all of this stuff I would never have tried otherwise. Is there a product you love that a subscription box introduced you to? I have found so many favorites that I wonder how I got through life without them.

I'm one of those people who likes to stay busy, I get crabby if I have nothing going on. I just like constantly having to think about things and problem solve, plus the joy of having a project turn out amazing is seriously the best. Is anybody else like that? My husband is not and doesn't get it at all, so I'm wondering who else is like me. I've currently got (minus blog posts) six projects going on ranging from easy peasy almost done to "oh my god why am I doing this?!?"

Once my YouTube channel snag is fixed (fingers crossed that the first video will be up this weekend), I'd like to start doing monthly challenges. I've done Project Pan in the past and have found it to be a great motivator to use up things, but I though month long creative challenges would be really fun too. So like one month you have to use your least favorite makeup products at least 3 times a week and if by the end of the month you still hate them then toss them. Or color challenges, so only jewel tones or neutrals one month. Maybe we'll do a little competition too, we shall see.

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