Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Hello and welcome to another edition of Thursday Thoughts, my weekly link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, who if you aren't reading you totally should!

My husband has today and tomorrow off so we'll be doing some fun family stuff this week. I'm lucky enough to live by the Bob's Red Mill actual mill so we're going to go do the tour of it this Friday and hit up the store since I have some really good coupons. I'm so lucky that I live within driving distance of so many great places, within a few hours driving is the beach, mountains, desert, and amazing lakes. Oregon really is the best state.

If you follow me on Instagram you already saw this but I finished an eyeshadow! I have never, ever finished an eyeshadow in my life, so this is a huge deal. I had depotted it from the pan to this jar when it started getting hard to use it, which really helped me use all of it up. It will probably be a while before I finish anything else, maybe in the Spring I'll have another one done. How often do you finish makeup products up?

Why is it whenever I really fall in love with a face product they are always expensive? Like $30+ always. I fell in love with a Jouer tinted moisturizer and now this Tarte BB Cream and both are over $30. The thought of spending that much gives me horrible anxiety, I'm much more comfortable with $15 or under for a foundation product. But this BB Cream made me love BB Creams, I hadn't liked any of the other ones I'd tried before. If you are on team BB, which one are you using? And which ones are truly awful?

Have you guys been paying attention to all the sneak peeks of what makeup is being released this Spring? NYX is doing a new set of butter glosses that are super pigmented, Ulta is releasing a rose gold eyeshadow palette that I will probably snag up. It looks like this spring is going to be a great beauty season, I may need to set aside some money and treat myself to a big haul for my birthday (which is in April).

Speaking of birthdays, Ulta is doing something different for their birthday freebie. It looks like every quarter will have a different goodie. January through March birthday's get a eyeshadow quad with a powder eyeliner that looks pretty neat. No word yet on what the second quarter goodie will be, I will let you know as soon as I do. And the Sephora birthday gift this year is a Nars lip crayon duo with an added eyeliner if you are a rouge member. So a great year for birthday freebies.

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