Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How To Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

We've all been there, you reach for your tube of foundation and nothing comes out. No matter how much you squeeze there isn't a drop to be found and today is a day you can not skip the foundation. Well with two simple ingredients and a little bit of patience you can have some tinted moisturizer to save the day. Now the pigmentation level on this can be adjusted for either light coverage, a true tinted moisturizer, all the way up to full coverage. It will all just depend on the ratio you use.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Loose mineral foundation powder. In all my research I found that mineral powder works best for this, though technically you can use any powder I guess. I'm using my Mary Kay mineral foundation powder that I'm trying to use up anyways.
  • Face lotion of some kind, just make sure it's one you'd be comfortable wearing during the day, not a heavy one that takes a while to absorb. I'm using a Vitamin C lotion by InstaNatural, it absorbs really well and never leaves me greasy feeling.
  • A small glass bowl for mixing in and something to stir with. I just used a straw to stir, didn't feel like doing extra dishes.
This is not something you can make up in bulk, it will go bad after a few days so only make what you need to do your face. And as I learned the hard way, be careful not to breathe in the loose powder as you shake it from the jar. Just about coughed up my lung I swear.

Step one is to place about a teaspoon or so of lotion into your glass dish. 

Step two, add in an equal amount of loose powder. This is for a tinted lotion, for a medium coverage add in about twice as much powder.

Now start stirring it up. It will look like the powder is not mixing in, just give it a minute and it will. Keep stirring and scrapping the edge of the bowl to make sure it is all incorporated. And you can done.

As you can see, this blends out to a nice and light coverage, perfect for those good skin days. If the pigmentation is not enough for you, keep adding in powder until you get to the right level. If you added in too much powder you can lighten it back up by adding in more lotion. Remember, this will only stay good for a day or two so be careful not to make to much of it. Theoretically you can also do the same thing with blush but since I haven't personally tested it (maybe for next week's Tutorial Tuesday) I can't vouch for it.


  1. What a neat trick!!! Thanks for reminding us that this does not last long...I'll be sure to only make enough for the day :-)


    1. Glad you liked it. And yeah, nothing smells worst than homemade foundation gone bad. Had a homemade BB Cream do that, smelled so gross.