Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekend Tips and Tricks

Halfway through January already, is that crazy or what?!? This month feels like it is moving twice as fast as normal I swear. So how about some times to help you maximize your beauty routine or at least make it run a bit smoother.

Tip #1: Cold weather turned your lips into a dried out, cracked mess? Mix a bit of brown sugar into some olive oil and then scrub your lips with it. The sugar will help buff away dead skin while the oil will help hydrate and moisturize your lips. Repeat as often as necessary.

Tip #2: Want your mascara to last longer? Don't pump the wand in and out to get more mascara on it. This forces air into the tub which will dry it out and encourage bacterial growth. Instead, wiggle the brush from side to side to pick up more mascara. And remember, mascara is only good for 3-6 months.

Tip #3: Tired of always getting nail polish on your fingers when you paint your nails? Swipe on some Vaseline before you paint them, Then when you are done just wipe the Vaseline and any extra polish away. No more q-tips with nail polish remover.

Tip #4: And because this pin is making the rounds again, I'd like to remind you that just because something is labelled as "non-toxic" that doesn't mean you should be ingesting it. Making lipstick out of whatever oil and crayons sounds like a fun idea, but ingesting crayon wax and coloring can make you sick.

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