Friday, January 16, 2015

ELF Daily Brush Cleaner Review

Cleaning your brushes is one of those things we all know we should do more often but typically put off. Especially is you have a ton of brushes, cleaning them can be really time consuming. As we all know though, clean brush makes for a happy face, so we clean them on a weekly or monthly basis. But once you use them the first time they get dirty again, today's bright blue eyeshadow can seriously mess up tomorrows understated neutral look. This is why I use a daily brush cleaner for my powder brush, and my current favorite is by Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Cosmetics. This $3 bottle of spray cleaner will both remove the bulk of powder from your brush AND sanitize it, which can help clear up that stubborn acne you may be battling.

Using the spray is simple enough, you just spray the bristles of the brush a few times depending on the size of the brush, then wipe it on a towel. This will remove a surprising amount of makeup from the brush, as you will see in my pictures. It sanitizes the brush, which is especially important if you use your brushes on more than yourself. And I think it helps keep my bristles soft and in good shape. Plus it smells nice, so no old powder smell every time I apply my blush.

Spray, wipe, and done!
This is how much powder I got off of one brush, how gross is that?
After I did all four brushes.
Not 100% but clean enough for me to use tomorrow without carry over.
I love this spray, I try and use it everyday though I will admit I do tend to forget or get lazy and then the next time I'm doing my makeup I'm grumpy that I don't have any clean brushes. I actually keep the bottle nest to my brush holder to help remind myself to use it more often. The formula seems to work well, it's easy to use, and the price is just right, so I actually don't have any complaints. You can purchase this through their website or you can buy ELF products at Target, K-Mart, Old Navy, and my local 7-11.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I clean my brushes all the time, but so many of the cleansers are expensive. I'll have to pick this one up next time.

    1. ELF makes a brush shampoo too for $3 that I use and love as well. Target carries them both.