Friday, January 23, 2015

Project Pan Spring 2015

One of the hardest things about owning makeup is actually using it up before it expires and gets nasty.That's why I'm a huge fan of Project Pan, which is this commitment basically to sue certain items more than usual until you have either hit pan (you can see the metal or plastic in the bottom of the container) or used it up. There's this really great supportive community of Project Pan people on Instagram that applaud your progress and really help keep you motivated. I've done smaller Project Pans before, especially when I had a ton of half empty and sample sized stuff, but I want to do a full sized Project Pan to help clear out my makeup organizers a bit before my planned big haul for my birthday in April. So here is my Spring 2015 Project Pan.

So this is what I want to finish up, though the large palette and that quad eyeshadow I only have one eyeshadow each that I'm wanting to finish so it isn't quite that huge of a project. So three eyeshadows, two eye liners, three lip products, a blush, a primer, and an eye gel. I probably won't finish them all by the end of spring but I'm motivated to try and if I do actually complete this challenge by the first day of summer I'll treat myself to the Revealed palette I've been wanting for months now.

First item in my pile is a Mary Kay eye gel I actually really like but I so need to finish it. I won't tell you how long I've had it for, but it's been to long and it needs to be finished or thrown away.

I don't actually have that much left, it should be done by the end of February for sure. I've been mainly using it at night before bed but I'll switch over to in the morning and night to try and use it up faster.

This ELF Studio Blush is actually one of my favorite blushes, but I've used up about half of it so I want to try and finish it up so I can get a new one.

As I said, I've used up about half of it already so I might actually finish it before summer. This is the first time I've ever hit pan on a blush, and I think its because this isn't super pigmented so I use more than I would normally. But I still really like it and use it several times a week currently.

This was my introduction to face primers and I hate it. Does nothing to help my makeup last longer or to smooth out my face. It does help me apply my foundation smoother, I'll concede that point. I'm pretty close to done with it, maybe another month tops.

I received this in a Ulta makeup bag stuffed full of stuff during one of their promotions and I actually really love the colors. The shadow on the top left has been used enough you can see quite a bit of the metal pan, so I want to finish that one up. I should have it done by March based off my current usage, end of February if I use it more than I already am.

I swear I have been down to the last half inch on this tinted lip balm for months now and it is driving me bananas. I need to use this everyday until it's gone I think. I should easily finish this by summer (knock on wood) if I use it at least twice a week.

This is actually no where near finished but I really need to finish up some of my open lip balms and this seemed as good as any. I doubt I'll finish this one by summer but you never know, I could get lucky. I do really like it though, one of the few things from Ipsy I ended up really liking.

Another Mary Kay product I won't tell you how old it is, only that it needs to either be used up or thrown away. I have just under two inches left, so with regular use I should finish it up by summer. And if I don't I'll be chucking it into the trash before it gives me an eye infection.

An Ipsy item, I actually like it more than I did originally but its getting shorter and that's bugging me so I need to use it up and be done with it.

I am so close to finishing this, I'm so excited. I've never finished a full sized lipstick before, they seem to last forever and a half. This is another old product I need to use up or throw away, but there's like less than an inch yet so I should finish this no problem. I am committed to wearing it at least twice a week.

I depotted a Wet and Wild eyeshadow quad into jars at the beginning of the month to make it easier to use and I've already finished one jar so this is the next lowest one. A basic dark brown, so I should be able to use it in most of my eyeshadow looks. Not a ton left, should be done by end of March with regular use.

And lastly, this giant eyeshadow palette from ELF. There's 100 different shades in this bad boy and I recently hit pan on one so I'd like to finish that shade up by the first day of summer. I actually like this palette a lot though the size of it makes it difficult to use sometimes.

There's the shade I hit pan on (just hit it on Thursday so that's fresh pan), a pretty shimmery pale rose pink color. I find it weird that I hit pan on a pink before the brown I like from this palette, I guess I use it more than I realize.

So that's my Project Pan. So my challenge to you my readers is to pick out a few items and participate in Project Pan Spring 2015 with me. Having a support group is awesome you guys, so let me know if you want to do it and have an Instagram account so I can follow your progress and cheer you on. Good Luck!!


  1. I've never heard of it. It's a great idea. I have so much makeup and samples. I usually just give mine away to random people. I know that sounds weird. But, I like to give to people that are in need. How do I follow along on Instagram?

  2. Hi Randa, thanks for stopping by. You can follow my progress on Instagram by following me ( and I'll start using the hashtag #ProjectPanSpring2015 so I can search for other people participating in my challenge.

  3. I am so obsessed with project pans and am currently reading through all of your posts! I recently just started my own project pan on my blog...feel free to check it out!