Friday, January 9, 2015

InstaNatural Vitamin C Lotion

*I received this product free for testing/reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and freely given*

I have become a huge fan of InstaNatural over the last few months, so anytime they have a blogger opportunity I am the first in line I swear. This time I was given the chance to review a Vitamin C facial lotion, which I was a little worried about since the Vitamin C serum I had tried before broke me out horribly. I actually received this about two days after the Foxbrim one, so it was interesting to test them out one and then the other.

First, this has the pump style bottle I love. Seriously, I wish more companies used this type of bottle for stuff, so much easier to portion out just the right amount. This is a rather large bottle, 3.4 fluid oz, making it the biggest face cream I have ever received, which I like. Sometimes you get a tiny little tube (like with deluxe samples) and there really isn't enough to see it it really works.

InstaNatural is made in the USA (yay!) and is cruelty free (double yay), so they already have points in my book for that. I've tested a lot of their products and they all are very high quality with really good ingredients. This particular lotion, in addition to being 20% Vitamin C, has hyaluronic acid (a favorite ingredient of mine), plant stem cells, peptide complex, and niacinamide. This lotion packs quite a punch, and I could tell it was improving the feel and tone of my skin. After about 4 days I noticed that my skin looked consistent, no redness or dark spots. It even helped with this weird blotchiness I have on my cheek bones.

The weather here is frigid so the extra moisturizing ingredients were doubly welcome, and I've noticed an improvement in the dryness of my cheeks and forehead. I always get a dry, flaky patch across my forehead this time of year (below freezing temps plus 40 mph winds will do that), and I've noticed a huge difference there. I still have a patch right above my right eyebrow, but it is maybe the size of a quarter, so much better than last year.

The lotion itself is on the thinner side and feels light, so you can wear it either at night or during the day. It absorbed well enough, probably on par with most face lotions, so I'd suggest waiting a bit before putting makeup on over it. It did make me break out a little bit, but no worst than any other lotion I've tried so far. And no redness with the acne, which is a blessing. Nothing worst than a giant red zit in the middle of your forehead.

Overall I'm very pleased with this product. It has performed well, holding it's own against Oregon weather, and hasn't turned my face into a horror of acne. I'm giving this my stamp of approval and I will add this to my rotating skin care collection for sure. If you want to purchase this lotion you can find it here on Amazon for $21.97 (at the time of this writing).

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