Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What's in my Makeup Bag Version 3

Every once in a while I like to swap out the stuff in my makeup bag just to shake things up a bit. Left to my own devices I'm prone to using my favorite three items over and over and over so this forces me to try different things and different combinations. Almost everything in my bag is new to my bag this time, minus three items and the actual bag itself. So let's dive in and see what I'm lugging around this time.

First, don't panic that there are no brushes. I have this awesome travel set of brushes that I will eventually get around to reviewing on here but they have their own case so I don't keep them in the bag. And yes I know there are no face products (as in foundation or powder), I never keep them in my go bag for some reason though I will add them if I know I'll be needing them. I'm trying to keep my bag fairly simple, mainly just touch ups and "oh crap, I forgot about this thing and I look terrible" moments.

The bag itself is the bag that came with last September's Ipsy. Its cute, funky, soft, and roomy enough for my stuff. My previous bag was small and actually destroyed my old brushes (hence the nice new travel set), so size is important to me. I'll probably use this one till it gets all ragged and gross or I get a new one I like better.

This is something I won in a giveaway actually, and I believe it is a Korean brand.

I like cream blushes a lot for travel since they're pretty hard to break and I can apply them with my fingers. There's no color listed, or at least no color listed in English, but it's a lovely pink color that's just a touch on the bright side.

I haven't actually used it enough to decide how I feel about it, which is why I stuck it in my travel bag. I'm hoping to force myself to use it enough times to actually for an opinion on it. I will say the formula is nice and gives my cheeks a dewy look.

I actually have no idea how this got into my bag, its actually my son's chapstick and I don't use it at all. It was a freebie he won at the fair and is all squashed up because he's three. I'm going to assume he put it in my bag or I accidentally grabbed this instead of the chapstick I was intending to use. I'll be swapping this back out.

I love highlighters and have so many that I never seem to give any of them the love they deserve. This came in my very first Ipsy bag and is a mousse, so very different from most highlighters out there.

Technically this is an eyeshadow/highlighter, but I've only ever used it as a highlighter so I can't tell you how it works as a shadow. The texture is so nice though, the whipped product is really easy to spread and blend out. Plus City Colors is not an expensive brand, I believe this product is like $4.

I have tanner skin so the white gold color of it works awesomely for me, especially during the summer. And as you can see, it blends like a charm.

This stupid thing has been a source of headaches since it arrived in an Ipsy bag. This is one of those Bareminerals 5 in 1 cream eyeshadows and I swear I debate smashing it with a hammer half the time. The color they sent me is almost identical to my skin tone, making it a useless eyeshadow. I've actually been using it as a primer for my actual eyeshadow.

See? Almost identical. And the container sucks, its almost completely full and yet I cannot get any out. The stuff is so thick it won't ooze down to the bottom so the wand can grab it. I've got maybe two more uses out of it then into the empties bag it will go.

Another Ipsy item, I like deluxe sample size mascaras for my bag because of the size. Not a bad mascara, though price for a full sized. Elizabeth Mott seems to have nice enough stuff though I doubt I would buy any on purpose, they just aren't quite what I want.

This was a lip gloss from ELF that I never ordered or paid for, it just showed up in my order. Not a gloss I would buy on my own, to sticky for my preferences. And the lid is cracking, I don't know if you can see in the picture but I may be tossing this pretty soon.

It is a glossy gloss as the label says, and the color isn't bad. But I could put up wallpaper with this stuff, super sticky. The shade is Salmon for those interested.

The ELF Matte Lip Colors are actually really nice, I own a few of them and am pretty happy with them minus how hard the lid is to get off.

The shade is Tea Rose and every time I use it I ask myself why I don't wear it more often. It really is a nice color, similar to that Kylie Jenner shade that people are freaking out over in my opinion. Not close enough to satisfy people looking for a dupe, but similar.

The world's crappiest eyeliner, brought to you by Ulta. Half brown, half black. I use this one because I have a habit of breaking my travel pencils so if this breaks I won't cry a drop.

Eyebrow pencils win for speed and simplicity, but they aren't my favorite so this has been booted to the bag. The Ofra pencils are a little waxy for my taste, so if I break it or lose it I won't be sad.

This treasure came from a Birchbox and I loved the colors so much I bought the full sized Revealed 2 palette that month as well.

The colors are so pretty, I could wear the palette every single day and be happy. But since I have the full sized palette at home this can hang out in my travel bag.

That's it for my makeup bag for the next few months, I'll probably switch things up again come summer. What items are a must for your travel bag? Are you gasping in horror at what I have or left out?

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